The Strange Things

So time, i don’t know about you but strange things happen to me. No like ghost or anything but just the way i see things. When you expect something because it happens all the time and when you expect it at that time is doesn’t happen. When you want to know someone in your mind you can make a plan, but not take action to it. When that same person you are intrigued by sits next to you and is on the same bus as you, you began to wonder. What a strange thing. Is this to test me fear or my courage because something is yelling over the other and i can’t hear a thing. So why the strange thing, what are they meant for.



There was a most definite time where that part of your life you felt free, you felt like you didn’t have to worry and there was no need for stress. Have you ever had a period like that? Well i did two long beautiful years all of my life was marvelous was loved by everyone i felt like i could do anything. With the love and compassion theres always that placed that you don’t really like, mines was home. The day was beautiful until i got there. The only part of this was the dog and the part of the house when everyone is asleep and i get to make to most crazy dishes.

The here comes that turn that airplane ride that takes you high in the air and you now, but you cant accept that this might be the last time you get to rest your feet on this states soil. Thats the change from shy to known back to shy.How can a person recover from that a bullet wound. It’ll take a year or two which that person doesn’t have. So, you struggle trying to get that word out of your mouth, that single phrase. you manage it with other, but the people you find intriguing you can only stare. It not that you like them or find them attractive its that there intriguing. After your there with your day where people talk and laugh all you can do it think in you ind what would happen in a situation and talk, but not really talk just kinda think about things in your head.

That new place, that new state, that high flight changed your life. Of course i want to go back a demand i not get on that flight thinking about what would happen if i just told the flight person I’m on the wrong flight. I cant play with dogs or make the most crazy dishes every. I did something with my soul with my heart and i truly don’t know how to get it back or who took from me?

So that being said i don’t like it that i HAVE been sent back into the shell and i HAVE been sent back into the shell FORCEFULLY. I DONT LIKE IT AM I WANT OUT I WANT TO GET BACK ON THAT PLANE GET OF THIS DREADFUL & DEPRESSING SOIL AND GO BACK. LET ME GO BACK!!!!!!