Living Your Life

It is hard for you or even for us to decide who we should have more consideration for it is more of ourselves or others? We make decision every day and in some way we have believe that it’s for other rather than us. Yes you and I have an impact on people, but that doesn’t mean that our lives should be wrapped around theirs. We have our own life to live and they do to, people don’t have to be a slave to another. Who’s to say that some people like materialism and some people just want to be normal? They don’t care about the money and stuff not to say that they don’t care about the people and fans-I’m sure they love them. But remember everyone has a life to live and their life cannot always be connect to another person’s it’s their and not yours. If you want to skydive not everyone has to do it’s your mind and your thoughts, now the person with you might be impacted but should not feel influenced or persuaded. You are your own and you do not belong to any one!