Equality for All

Equality has risen and it born, we should love and enrich one another. The ruling if the land is here where it stand and now a man can marry a man and a women marry a women let freedom rain. Let equality multiple and let everyone live theirs lives #lovewins #gayisok #equality #2015


Why do we Rant?

"This sucks", "You guys we're worst", " I had to wait all day in line"! All these are examples of one thing rants these are things people say so that other know but sometime the person u tell can only do so much ur complaint is not more important than anyone else but people are …

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My Angel

My Angel How we met I could never forget But looking in your eyes makes me feel like a lucky guy You shine so bright All I see is light Don’t know how you feel for me Was it my baldness charm or the way I held you in my arms? You mean the world …

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Summer & Life

Lots of skin,sunscreen, and water this is what summer hold for us. Some of us get too skin when all we need to do is be able to feel confident. No reason to fake it for only three months. Just have fun in how you are and how you look.During Summer u want to feel …

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The Dream

The heavens are the limitsThe sky is the start The world is the place where my dreams starts I can picture it and see it I got to see it to believe it  I see my dreams just need to be with it I think about life and what it could be Some just need …

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