The Fighter

The one that's not afraid to go to war with a slingshot The one brave enough to look a giant in the eye and say "I will defeat you" This is the Fighter The brave  The bold  The handsome The fighter when everything fails they are still strong The fighter that doesn't believe they have a …

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Revelation, people change their mind and most believe it's the best some do because of a certain problem as I would say. But some do clearly because they want to do because they believe that in some corrupt unfashionable way you and maybe someone else is trying to keep them I guess down. But some …

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2 Truths and 1 Lie

The bad things humans do we are all capable of doing it to like killing or singing and dancing or singing. We all do it like lying bu that one hard thing to run away from because once you tell that one lie all the truths you ever told and some that you never got …

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