What really is Young Love?

Love is more of what people like to call complicated because some (TEENAGERS) don’t know what it means. Or maybe to word love means something different to each person. What does love mean to you? But one kind of love is young love when you’re in high school or middle school and you find that one person who you can’t stop thinkin about and you know that there is something there. But you don’t know what to say and how to even say the words because they mean something they mean something to everyone. But the thing with young love is that it may be a strong attraction to someone but LOVE may not be one of the words you use to describe it. It is complicated when you love this person and you know that you love this person and they don’t know you love them it can break your heart. But as plain as I can say it there are other fish in the sea and there are a lot of fish with a lot of unique things about them. You just have to find the right one and catch it. Love is a powerful thing but it is not something you want to be using at such a young age the word like would be better. Your young and free do discover new thing instead of being dragged down by one.


Its Only A Dream Until U Make It A Reality

Dreams are something we hope for pray for and really really want but in order to get those dreams we have to make it a reality and I know you hear people tell you that and u say it’s harder than it is than. So if it is then take small steps and I mean really small steps do rush into something ur not sure about. A big role model Tyler Oakley said there’s no glory in the process which in my way mean is want to do it then do it the more you wait to the more your dreams are fading way. It’s ur dream not one can achieve it but u and u have to be the person to go and get other might have a different dream for u but NEVER CHANGE YOURS . It’s your dream a be proud of it. Not all dreams are big some are small like they just want a family mines is I want a lot I want to move to California move into a nice apartment and host an event or red carpet and drive an escalade. No one gonna do that for me but me you have to do your own thing. Dreams are dream until you make them reality remember that. If have to say your dream everyday for example i say that’s my car every time is see escalade and when people ask me where I want to live I say California I’m a big dream and I love that about myself. You need to dream more and dream big. Change your dream into a reality.