I Hear U: U R Official a Thot

I can hear you: U r official a THOT

How can u not be a THOT when u just said that you schedule all your times with your multiple boyfriends to the tea. TRUST ME YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE! And though you might think you are not trust me you are. I sorry to say but you are now becoming a young women and this is how you want to show yourself. To say that you want this and this is other GET IT TOGETHER. Dont be a thot i dont want you to but you are.



Did you see it? Were you there? Well I was, that season premiere was everything that I need, but during the whole episode there was one burning question. Who killed Rebecca? I for one already knew that it could be only the one that wanted all this stuff to end did you watch, you should watch and see that it only the person, that one person that monster who killed Rebecca. And then this mysterious but yet amazing character came, she was flawless, she was everything, but what do we really now about her. NOTHING, but if you keep watching you’ll find out, you’ll find out what kind of connection she had with Annalise and also how they bonded. But as for the two kids with their parent death good luck but I already know WHO did. NOW THE ONLY QUESTION IS WHY WAS ANNALISEE BLEEDING OUT ON THE FLOOR, WHO KILLED THE AUNT, AND WHY WAS WEST RUNNING AWAY. WELL I GUESS WE WILL WAIT TO FIND OUT!

Please know who ur relatives are

Nana and pa pa were very interesting. The movie the visit had certain uninteresting vide. With the slow start you don’t feel like u r going to watch a scary movie, which it’s supposed to be. Meanwhile the first part of the movie start off with as slow as possible why they do that little camera thing that every scary movie does i don’t know but it would have been better if the movie was just shot regular. First no one person is stupid enough to actually go into a oven full on and clean. Would you like to clean it. The grandma is just crazy running around the house with a chicken with her head cut off and grandpa didn’t even mind it. Of course he had problem of his own with his bloody poops. But on a high note that little dude rhymes was weird I mean it was good but the words after you were just wondering now why did you say that. Now after all the crap that they went there this is when stuff started to happen, but first how do you not see you parents for like 15 year you probably don’t know even what they look like. So apparently some girl came to visit them she and the grandparent got into and argument and then I believe that they hung her because why would she do it.

Now YAHTZEE the worst game to play grandpa didn’t like that the fact that the guy was good. Lets just say after a long chat, and the fact the grandparents arent the real parents were a twist o ye did I forget the fake grand-parents killed the real one. So yea the girl killed the grandmother and the the guy bashed grandpa head with their own refrigerator and they lived happyily ever after.
P.s The reason the mother died want to see her grandparents was because when she left she slapped her mother and her father slapped her not really a amazing twist.