The House Aint Clean If The Closet Is Dirty

Well I guess strange things happens in God’s hand and we had a lot of it on Empire. Well WELCOME BACK TO EMPIRE ANDRE ,where you father will tried to use you to get to Cookie the same way you used your FAKE unborn baby to get back into Empire. Yeah i said fake she ain’t having no baby did you see that belly. And with his baptism it opened a lot of new water in the show, like how Andre was the one who ordered the attack on Jamal at the studio, man this dude is quite evil, but now it all wipe away. The only thing we can do now is wait for Andre to hopefully say on the righteous path or kill his wife for lying to him about the baby?

But as for good news Jamal and Ne-yo are going on tour now that would be amazing. But who know’s if Michael going with him you since he did get a blowjob from that artist. 😉 .

And those of you who wondered if Mr.Lyon would walk into the church i guess he did WOOOOOOOW!

p.s someone get kidnapped.



One of the youngest people of Youtube and also one of the most musically talent people Trevor Moran official came out as GAY. Apparently there were hints such as the music video Echo were, if i must say so have some pretty fashionable clothes being wore. When though in his turn he was never in a closet, but more in a glass closet wher you could see him CLEARLY! But the most important part is WE LOVE HIM AND WILL ALWAYS. No matter how much YASSSSS he has in his voice, nothing could make him any better.
P.s He has a new EP coming out! 

Really Cosmopolitan Really


Really Cosmopolitan why would you do something as STUPID as this. I mean the Kardashian are truly in my sight an INTERESTING  FAMILY. In one way on hell are they THE FIRST FAMILY. The Obama they are the first family, the ones in the White House they are the first family, granted the Kardashian are truly a family of social media or entertainment, let’s not give them the title of THE FIRST FAMILY.

P.S I know why you did it just because Kanye West announced he was running in 2020 doesn’t mean the American people are going to elect him into office. Continue reading “Really Cosmopolitan Really”

The Voice

The Voice
The one people in the nation have worked hard to gain
The one that will always speak their mind
The voice

No matter who they face
They will say what they have to say

Not scared of persecution
Not scared to lose
Their drive keeps the whole
To do what they need to do

Their voice is their might
They use it to their strength
They believe no silence is right
No reason to be condemned

Let your voice be heard
Unto the world it will sing

Loud like a cannery
Swift like an eagle
Not afraid to be a hero

The voice brings peace
Action brings change

We need not be ashame
Let your voice loose make it rain

Your voice
Your power
Your strength
Your hour
It your time


Cookie on Her Own

Well we show it before and we are seeing it again Cookie is always making a name for herself and so is her son Hakum (hoped I spelled his name right) Anyway Cookie is making her own new company since her once losted son Jamal has just banished them from Empire. So, in a way of her own she comes up with the LION DYNASTY and it is said that it will crush Empire. But not everyone is sure about that. It still has a lot of cleaning up to do before it becomes a real dynasty, but one thing we can look is new music and always a new change. With Lucious still controlling Empire the question is, is Jamal really Empire’s owner or he just some puppet for him father while he is in jail. The truth is we will have to find out later. O and also Lud and Terrence beef is one to remember. And now until next time but just one question for you to answer WHO WAS THAT BOY NEXT THE THAT GIRL (KELLY ROWLAND) .I guest we will have to wait next time.