So first is that I can say is that the book sent me thru a journey. With every word and every chapter I found myself feeling so some type of emotion whether it was sadness or happiness I felt it. This book (A.K.A MY NEW BIBLE)  tell the story of Mathew and his other side @tyleroakley, but like most book with their stories, they seem to find a way to help you also. With struggling relationship and disordered that brought him down it empower all people of the world in every corner so that they know that they can do it also. You may be in a dark hole but if you just pull thru and have some friends to help you I believe that you will make it. Now back to the subject at hand the BOOK. I mean emotion is what I felt I had to say it again, but that’s what happened, that’s what was shown. There the tough time Mathew went thru coming out to the abusive relationship he stayed in. That was sadness. With his adult slumber parties and a trip to Hawaii. That was happiness.

Everything in this book you could feel really deep down in your soul HECK I FELT A LOT OF THINGS. And the chapter that got me the most was “THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY” for me it hit home, well I just that because of my status SINGLE LIFE”  All the emotion that are in this one chapter it makes you just really start to think about your life and what you are doing right and wrong. My thought is that if you don’t like something about you change it, and that’s all that I have to say.

The one that really got me and actually made me mad in the book was the experiences that he had with FANS. We as people and human beings need to respect someone personal space and from what I can see some don’t do it. People need a break and freedom and sometimes @tyleroakley wants to become Mathew Tyler Oakley for a day or an hour and when this happens collectively we all need to step back and let people breath.

The one thing that I learned about Mathew


who I guess I always knew is that he is a hard worker. And he does thing like events and gatherings not always because he want to, but because we want his too. He is our angel that brings the light to our eye, but sometime we have to remember to give that same light back.

Now this is my final review it maybe on point or a piece of garbage, but hey I still wrote it.


Dear Mathew Tyler Oakley,

Since the day that I found Youtube I also found you, and since that day there has been too may bumps and roller-coaster ride, but YOU WERE THE ONE to get me there it ALL. So thank you for that, for letting me be the real me thru your words. Thanks for giving me a hug that I will feel forever. YOU ARE THE BEST!





1D Album Review

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I HONESTLY DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. 1D dropped recently and the sound of it in my headphones wasn’t the sound of them. I don’t believe that they really put all of there heart into this. It seems just put together, while the lyrics had some meaning, but the voices didn’t do any justice. I had to say I but I think they just did the album just to do it and there was no purpose.

The Emotional Truth #Purpose Review


From believing to having a purpose Justin Bieber new album is definitely one to remember. With Believe he showed us more about his sex appeal, but now he’s singing to use with his real emotion. His letting us in and showing us what he’s been dealing with. He tell of the love stories that happened in his life and tell us of the difficulties of being in relationships. And his blind love for people that hurt him. In this album he truly shows us what happens to him and what he goes thru.


Who can you really and truly trust? Your friends or family or anyone for that fact.

Trust you see as some people say is something that should be earned and not given. Others have more of an opposite view. Trust is what the person dems your are able to handle. Its the thought that you can handle the secret I’m about to tell you.

Trust is in the eye of the beholder. Its so powerful that when you tell people the truth you wonder why you are even telling them this in the first place. When you find that person it you SOUL FRIEND! And you should embrace that and love it. The Truth is hard and well life is too. It may even be one of the reasons that life is so hard. Not everyone you come across can handle to truth, but everyone deserve it not matter how heartbreaking it is.