Tyler Oakley the iconic YouTuber made a video title “DEAR BASIC BITCHES” and as I watched I have to say that I agree with most of the things that he said. We as people do seem to act a little mean to our fellow peers, or as Tyler likes to say it a little bitchy. And the question that we should be asking ourselves is how can we change this characteristic of ourselves and what can we do to change it. Don’t be a basic bitch because no one like it, the attitude is not cute and it don’t make you a bad bitch at all. Don’t be basic because if you do what you put in 2016 is what you will get in 2016 ,so simmer on that. You have the ability to change your new year now you can change it. So don’t be basic and be a mess, just be yourself.




Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada Smith, and also the iconic human being who is constantly breaking down gender roles. His wear dresses and skirts many times and looks great either way. And he continues to show us the no matter what you where born as you can do whatever you want when you want and no one can tell you differently. There are no gender roles there are only roles of human beings. We as a people have the responsibility to offer our help to anyone and everyone in need which includes support. And I am here to say that I agree and I am with Jaden Smith. Boys and Girls should be allow to wear whatever they want and not be stopped based on their gender. I speak for those who can not speak for themselves WE HAVE RIGHT THE RIGHT TO EXPRESS THE RIGHT TO WEAR AND DISPLAY HOW EVER WE CHOOSE. PEOPLE AND HUMAN BEING NEED TO BE ABLE TO LIVE THIER LIFE AND FEEL EXCITEMENT RATHER THAN JUST EXIST IN LIFE. So Jaden I say to you I support you, I love you, and I will always be with you in this movement.


As of 1/25/16 Zayn Malik release his new song Pillow Talk, which was great and sounded amazing, but some fans saw problems. And it was a big one!
They said and speculated that it was a fake, while the song is great and all there is a similar one by BOBI MUSIC, Ready when you get here. Both song are good but the question is who is the best and which one is REAL. So here’s the question for you, do you thinks it’s fake, should he released it, and what’s the next move in his career.


So let’s break it down, first by the trailer the movie looks AMAZING. We get that sense of craziness and insaneness. Second I have never heard about the Suicide Squad, but I am ready for the story to see how everything unfolds. As for the actor well I know that Will and Viola will bring it but, i’m worried about Jared. I need him to bring out his inner Joker.

Well with the soundtrack I’m ready for the insane, the destruction, humor, and the badness. So I guess we will see in August

So How’s 2016

So lets me honestly, how is your New Years, New Me going? Well if it still going good and you’re still working out and eating healthy good for you. But if not then it looks like you ned some motivation and honestly i dont know what to tell you. You as a person need to look at yoursle fin the mirror and decide what you want to do make a list or do something but now and today is not the day that you need to decide that you want to give up. You have tried and tried all these years and you had  a hard time getting it together but this year you need to do it. This year you need to do what you need to do this year maybe fill with struggle and death, but with that there can also be love and life, you have you have to choose what side what you want to be one. You need to figure out WHAT AM I GOING TO DO DIFFERENT THIS YEAR!


Let me see we are now in the fourth day of the New Year and ask yourself have you been truth to yourself. If the answer is yes then good for you, but if not then its time to get real with yourself. You probably follow all these rules so why make all of them; now using then as guidelines there is nothing wrong with that. BUT DON’T SAY THAT YOU’RE GONNA DO IT WHEN YOUR NOT!!!