Number 1, 2, 3

1,2,3,4 all the way to infinity. That’s how the world works, we are placed and categories by number, and we can’t do anything about it. We plan our lives to try and achieve a 4.0 or even to get the highest score on the ACT and SAT. Now i’m not saying that their is anything wrong with it, its just that this is our whole life, this is our constant circle. If your in he middle-class your earn this amount of money. Money equals number and therefore number are our lives, Heck the be president you have to have a certain number of electoral votes, and you even need this in congress to pass laws.
The question is why, why are they so much a part of my life. Why do people push you so hard to make a 100 when all it is, is a number. I believe that we as the human race need to focus on moral and not numbers. There it could be the most stupidest person on the street but also be the most nice person, and that s vice versa. We need to look at people character an not how much figures or money they make. We need to look at people as people and not a static.
Moral are what we need to look at how as the ability to show us whats right, without have a computer calculate the out come of it. We need to be people and stop being robots.



Justin Bieber is still showing us his body, with this shot. It is said that he wore nothing, side note I’m jealous of everyone on that shoot. Even though you see that he comfortable about being naked in front of people, it’s because he loves his self. We all have imperfect about our body and we just need to get rid of them. Take the time right before you go in the shower to look at yourself, what do you see, what do you want to change, and then change it. Then after you change it love, because that’s what’s gonna give you the courage to stand butt naked in front of a whole group of people and still love yourself.  



So what are doing on this day of love? Are you gonna take someone out or treat yourself, maybe a dinner and a movie what do you see for yourself at this time. I say this year why don’t you just let it be you and yourself. We get so stressed out about the fact that we don’t have anyone to show us love, but we don’t show ourselves love either. You have to love yourself before you can even love others. You have to be able to see the beauty in your eye before you can see anyone else. You have to do you.

Now not saying  that you have to be single for your whole life, but there is no reason to rush into a relationship. You should enjoy your life and be relieve that you don’t have anyone on top of you every single day. If you are patience and are willing to wait, you will succeed, by you have to be ready to live life single and also live life loving yourself.


When you dream what do you see a beach, a house, a person, money, or nothing. When you wake up do you toss and turn. Dreams are a relief they give a sense that what we think can one day come true. My thoughts to you are let the dreams come forth don’t big to much into, but just let it be something in your head and mind, just let your brain wonder.