Fighting to Save Others: Batman v. Superman Review

Batman vs Superman one of the movie of the summer came out with a fiery bang; however, with all fires they start out small and weak as did the movie. The beginning was more of a drag and some scene felt unneeded; however it did give us the information that would be need to follow the story correctly.
As for the character Jesse as Lex Luther was unsettling I felt as if though he was trying to me more like Joker. We were able to see some part of him being smart but for the rest of the part if felt uneasy for me. Wonder Woman i loved her and her costume, but i wanted here to break out and fight more and stop being such a scary person. Now as the dark knight he felt more evil and depressed for me i don’t know if this is how its supposed to go, but this is what I saw. There was a lot of anger, but for good reasons. Ben Affleck brought a new kind of Batman to the screen one that I wouldn’t mind seeing again. Superman was nothing but heroic he saved the day when the world called for it and tried to do his best, but the world couldn’t understand him so they tried to control his. With numerous attacks people faced him as a threat when he was not one.

As the continued with the action packed fighting and the special effects that help the story and didn’t control were terrific, also props to the writer every word spoken and movement was amazing. The climax of the story was the part the fuel was added to the fire and everything went wild. Once you saw it u can’t get out of your seat. The action the dialogue everything brought u into the story. All in all I loved it was a amazingly directed and the acting was on point, so my rate for this is 9.8 out of 10



Are you straight, are you gay, do you like girls or guys? These are question that are asked of people when no one knows. Some assume and believe, what they want and other just asked. Well as the world is evolving most people don’t like to put labels on themselves, it is said that people love who they love and it doesn’t matter. I believe that you should too, love is love and everyone in life will have time to receive.
However regretting you sexuality, its just you, don’t let others put you in a box and define what you are, because that is your chose and should be made on your own decision.
The feeling of love is strong and strange and when you find it in the right person, trust me you will know, you will feel it and you will see it.
If there life someone want you to explain yourself, you could explain it how you see it and if they don’t get them its just their fought. YOU ARE YOU and I AM ME!