The Poetic Fight for Justice:Captain America Civil War

First let me say this movie is epic and is the best summer movie so far out. That story started out with a classical superheroes trying to save the day and then all things that could possible go wrong does. People start to lose their minds to what is good and what is wrong. Stark and Steve battle it out not with the eyes of loyalty but with the eyes of revenge. See Stark hates to say it but what the Winter Solider did he know that, that can never be fixed. Now as for Steve he just wants time with his buddy, Bucky., he wants to relive the time that were taken away from both of them.
New character are introduced and man were they amazing. Black Panther could move like a snake but also had this way of talking that even when fighting him you still had respect for him. Spider-Man brought humor back to the Marvel screen which was very much needed in these times of crisis.
The movie itself was so in captivating that if you had to use the bathroom you didn’t want to get up because it was so GREAT AND AMAZING. Like it said it was poetry everything flowed and it all made scene and I say

5 OUT OF 5