Working for Success: Entitlement 

People work everyday and every week trying to grab enough money to make ends meet. However nowadays people feel as if though they are entitled to something. The fact is if you think you are owed something in this world you are stupid. If you want something out of your life and out of this world you have to work hard to go get it. Life ain’t easy and neither will working be but if you want something that bad you will do what you have to do.

With work because worth is what I always say. To get the worth out of life you have to put the work in. Blood, sweat, and tears are what birth the success of this nation and if will birth your successfulness. The thought that someone will just give it to you is only in your imagination you have to do what you believe will get you to where you want to be and not wait on others.


Ur Almost to Love: Part Two

A long time ago I made a video your almost to love and it was to explain the fact that no matter what happens in life there will be heart break and that just means your closer to your love. But now to day I want to reinvent what I have said to help others looking for love.

Love and Like is something we always get tongue tied on whether it be a person or a place or even a food we feel some type of emotion towards it and with that emotion you get connected. When connect you feel that you have certain responsibly to that Love or Like situation you feel that you need to always and only eat this type of food or this is the only hotel that gonna treat you right or you feel like even if the person you feel deeply invested in starts to yell at you, you feel like you have the responsible to take it. And I’m here to tell you straight up that that’s not the case even though you have a connection does no mean you have to take care of that person day in and day out you have a life too. I believe you should live your life to the fullest because there are always fish in the sea.

You as a person are bound by no person no male or female you have the right to walk away,but if you don’t I understand maybe its because they have no one else to talk to and you and you want to be that person, but when you have a conversation there should be no yelling and one person should not leave the conversation feeling bad about what happened. You should be a united front to where you figure out things together because even one feelings matters and that includes your. So even though you feel connected to that person or that things and of you are mad, don’t yell and fight with one another listen and understand that’s the best way to solve a problem. So now  I say to you.

Fully understand the problem

Encourage one other

Listen closely

Individuals matter

People have feelings

Even one needs to be united


Work for Success

See recently I have been noticing young people making a big step in the world. One person in particular is Patrick Finnegan, he apparently only 19 years old and already has more money than most people. He a consultant for Generation Z, when some of us can even got to work to make our 7.25. I see how he holds himself and in no way am I trying to be a copy cat it just that I am ready to work. I’m ready to have a career in which I enjoy going to but I believe that the first step to this process is working and trying to put yourself out there for people to notice. I am ready to work for for my success, I’m ready to put in the work that is needed what’s why I am going to college; its to make sure that I have all the key items to be successful. 

Tell me don’t you ever see yourself as more than what you are, don’t you want to have that house and drive that car? Then it is time for us in the world to work for it and not just wait for it to be given to us, but to go out there and grab by force. Make your mark on the world and be ready to work for your success. 

A Helping Hand

A helping hand is something that we use as much as possible whether it be to help us to get there our daily life style.

We always need a helping hand and there is nothing wrong for asking for it.The hand is there because it is there to guild us it is there to help us and lead us into a world of unknown. Asking is never a sin because knowledge bring power and having power over your life is the best thing that you can do for yourself. With your helping hand that is what allow you to get out of bed in the morning those hands are what opens your eye in the morning. So I say to you if you are in need of help do not hesitate to ask because those who ask with receive.

Now You See Me 2 Now You Don’t 

Now You See Me 2 one of the most anticipated movies of 2016 has risen from the water and if I do say so myself it was GRAND. The actors were great and they gave up the sense of wonder and excitement whenever something happen. However the girl was trying in a little to hard to be funny. However I do have to be a fan girl for a moment because Dave Franco was FREAKIN HOT. I mean I don’t know what’s going on with him but I love his style. Also the girl she was trying to hard to be funny it was some what hurting to look at.

Now the magic trick was amazing and the character connections were great. When they performed their tricks it was a amazing you thought something was happening in which reality it was just the opposite. To understand you really have to sit back and watch and really understand what is going on because if you miss a second you miss everything. You miss the acting in the acting, the trick after trick, you miss the illiusion that some how what theses people are doing is really but it’s also fake. You have to decide watchers what if real and what it fake.