Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them

More magic my friends another trailer for Fantastic Beast and where to find them is out. You’ll like this trailer because it saw another side of the WIzarding World that we haven’t seen. You get so see more magic and even more creatures. And if you look close you may even see some beast.

So I hope you enjoy the new trailer and please leave a comment about what you thought about the trailer.


A Tease of the Justice League

The warriors from DC come to save the universe. So if you don’t know there has been a release trailer of the Justice League and it gives up a snack of whats to come.

Batman is trying to form the, if I may say so, Band of Misfits to help the world and from what it looks like I think they are going to rock the house. Some people like me have many question like who’s all going to be in and how the story is going to be told. However from what I pick up in the trailer it will be told amazingly and with some shots of humor in there.

Now if you want to see it make sure you check out the trailer and please leave a comment about what you thought of it and what we as watchers should expect to see.

Beauty is Power:Wonder Woman

Listen people this is what we have all be waiting for, the trailer for Wonder Woman. I must say that it is pleasing to the eyes. You see this lady, this woman fighting for whats right and for justice and during all these scenes it like I want to be like her.

Woman around the world I know are happy right now because now there is a movie, a superhero movie that stars a woman as the main character. And i can say also that I am as happy as anyone, because I didn’t just see the fighting and the power I saw the truth.

The truth is that beauty is power, Wonder Woman allows looks amazing where every she goes; however, she is never afraid to go out and fight. Thats a lesson we can all learn from beauty does not mean weakness it shows readiness.

So please watch this trailer and comment below what are your thoughts one this new movie and trailer.

A Relaxer

A quick hit

Or a little take

That’s all it takes takes to make the pain go away

A relaxer to ease the spine

something so dearly to calm my mind

over and over again it happen

A relaxer thats strong

That maybe can do some wrong

numb my brain forget the pain

Create a paradise were everything is the same

Relationship and love

Flying little doves

Control my mind with anger

Control my mind with pain

I seek desire

I seek to feed

Yet i do not wish of thee

No wish to eat

No wish to feed

Only to wish of comfort in thee

A relaxer in my soul

To fill the whole

A burn on my skin that can never be healed

A pain in my head that corrupts my feels

A relaxer is what i need

To ease the pain

To become one of the same

Get Ready With Me (@JackBaran)

Jack, thatsjack has graced me and has graced us with a new video. If you havent seen it well get out of your hole and check it out.

In this video jack shows us how he get ready which allow the views A.K.A me to fell like we get to know him more.

The reason that this video is good is not just because of what he uses, which is if I was white I could use, but also the amazing song and editing done. Some people who do video don’t take a lot of time trying to product them in an GREAT way but Jack does he puts his time and energy to make sure that this is his best work that he can produce. So I urge you to watch this video and follow him down below.


Twitter: @JackBaran

5 Things To Make Life Better 

Five things, some times all it takes is five things to make your life better and it does take long. These are activities that allow a person to feel better about themselves so that its not so much body negative in life or negativity in general.

With this video you never know you might make a new best friend or do something that can change how you see the world, it honestly all up to you.

So if you have some time in you day to day life I recommend this video free of charge by @tyleroakley .

The Urge

Have your ever felt the urge

the urge to dive and hope not to die

The urge to fly and see what’s in the sky

The urge to sing and dance

To take off all your clothes and pants

The urge to be you and only you

No matter just how blue the sky is

But only to live until you die so you know what life is

To feel the kiss of a woman or man

Just to hold their hand

Don’t you just have the urge the itch

Just to bite their tinder lips


Courage is something that as we grow me must learn, it is something that may someday challenge us to do daring things. However with those daring things there can be great success. The thing is if you feel like you gonna die doing something 9 times out of 10 you should do it. Because when you have that feeling that dying felling you should know what you are doing is right. Courage is a sub section of experience it fuel or experiences into what we are willing and not willing to do.

Courage is what allows us to believe in things, like is you’re a parent you need to have courage that yes your child is going out in the real world but with courage you say that I did what I have to do and I raised them right. It’s ok to lack courage because no one is born with but as you go on with life don’t run away from things.

Another thing is that courage is not peer-pressure and don’t let anyone tell you that. Wanted to do something and someone making you do something are two completely different things however the courage is when you say no to under age drinking, gun violence, and drugs.

What I want to let you guys know is that it’s time to build up your courage so that way you can do more with you life. Maybe get that job promotion or start a career and not a job heck quit your job. But if there is something that I can say is go out in the world have courage and get things done.