So there is this New Guy I Found!!

So lets explain what happened that day, I was watching Youtube Videos when I can across a new person. Mind you I had never seen or heard of this person before; however, after I started to watch their videos more and stalk their Instagram I began to like this person. And that person is *drum roll* Luca Fersko.

I mean watching this guy videos whether it be his vlogging channel or his main channel, I can tell his an authentic person. I don’t feel like he’s being fake. I feel like he’s really just there talking to me and I have to say I appreciate the communication we have.

I love his fashion style, while it may not be for me, I can see how it can transform the fashion industry. And if you like his fashion style check his new collection at Nephews.

So i write this to say if you love fashion and really want to connect to someone on the internet than Luca Fersko is your guy. You’ll feel welcomed watching his video and you’ll feel like a part of the family. You be able to feel like yourself.   


The Stress!!!

“ Everybody gets high sometime you know, what else can we do when we’re feeling low. So take a deep breathe and let it go”

Those words say something to me. What they say is that people are stressed out. And this is not a certain groups of people, this is all of humanity.

And as we developed in the world we been cursed with the stress of; whats gonna to happen to us or how we going to pay these bills; these are some thoughts that plague our minds.

So what we have done is founded a way to relieve our stress. Some people go to church, others go for a walk, and to be honest some smoke weed. We do these things but we have so much on our shoulder that we feel like if we don’t get  if off we are just going to fall down. I mean why in the world do we have anti-depression drugs because people have too much stress that leads them to this depression. This is not good and should not even be.

People do things because of stress, whether it be self-harm or harm to others. This happens because some are in a bad place. And no one should be in a bad place, this world was not made for people to be sad and depressed and have some much stress on them. This world was mad so that people can d something with the life that they are given and help other and their families.

And yet some people wake up everyday asking themselves is this life worth living? My answer to them is yes!

So I say to people do what you love so the stress can go away. Do it better yourself, so you won’t be drowning on your own. DO IT FOR YOU!!!!!

The High Life

High Life- It’s a way of life. It’s not just about how you dress or what you smokin’. When you’re high life livin’, it means you’re living without boundaries or limits. We don’t follow rules or copy the next man, originality is the key people!! (Urban Dictionary)

I see that the high life last in moments and those are the moments that count. Those are the ones that make your groove to your favorite song or the ones the make you feel like your are a million bucks. Those are the ones that count.

You may not know it or even see it but the average joe has these moments and so does everyone else. Its when they sing their lungs out in the shower or when their dancing and grooving on the kitchen floor. These are their moment that make them feel all high and mighty.

Celebrities have them too when they release a hit song or their movie is the best in the box office; those are their high life moments and yeah they might party in these moments but to them it might not come lightly.

You see these things never come lightly, they come with hard work and dedication.

However what i have to say is that in these moments when you feel like you are a living high life do something good and do it to better   YOURSELF

The Crazies are in the House (Suicide Squad Review)

Well guys the movie is finally out and I have finally seen it so I am ready to give my review.

So during this what I am going to call a rant try to stay with me because it might go all over the place.

First from the beginning I appreciated the back stories how ever some of them really did tell us a lot about the character like Dead shot we know he’s a hitman but how did be become like that what made his so much of a sharpshooter those are the questions that come to mind. However I did like the fact they you know the setting of the movie and the time so that way you know what is happening and why everything is going on.

Second every single actor and actress was amazing. The character for Harley Quinn was incredible and I believe that was the right pick. But that Voila Davis played a bad-assed character. This lady showed no mercy and no regret and I have to say that I loved it. Will Smith I mean watching the movie Dead-shot keep it real the whole time, nothing was in the shadows with him.

And now for the main man, who i kinda though acted more like a side character, Mr.J. I’ll be honest I wasn’t feeling it. The love with him and Harley was good but the evil inside of him was not there he wasn’t even scary or strange in that type of way, if this was a class on playing the Joker he would get a D.

However the movie itself was a force to be amazed by it never the less it give it a 3.9 out of 5.