The Crazies are in the House (Suicide Squad Review)

Well guys the movie is finally out and I have finally seen it so I am ready to give my review.

So during this what I am going to call a rant try to stay with me because it might go all over the place.

First from the beginning I appreciated the back stories how ever some of them really did tell us a lot about the character like Dead shot we know he’s a hitman but how did be become like that what made his so much of a sharpshooter those are the questions that come to mind. However I did like the fact they you know the setting of the movie and the time so that way you know what is happening and why everything is going on.

Second every single actor and actress was amazing. The character for Harley Quinn was incredible and I believe that was the right pick. But that Voila Davis played a bad-assed character. This lady showed no mercy and no regret and I have to say that I loved it. Will Smith I mean watching the movie Dead-shot keep it real the whole time, nothing was in the shadows with him.

And now for the main man, who i kinda though acted more like a side character, Mr.J. I’ll be honest I wasn’t feeling it. The love with him and Harley was good but the evil inside of him was not there he wasn’t even scary or strange in that type of way, if this was a class on playing the Joker he would get a D.

However the movie itself was a force to be amazed by it never the less it give it a 3.9 out of 5.


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