The Stress!!!

“ Everybody gets high sometime you know, what else can we do when we’re feeling low. So take a deep breathe and let it go”

Those words say something to me. What they say is that people are stressed out. And this is not a certain groups of people, this is all of humanity.

And as we developed in the world we been cursed with the stress of; whats gonna to happen to us or how we going to pay these bills; these are some thoughts that plague our minds.

So what we have done is founded a way to relieve our stress. Some people go to church, others go for a walk, and to be honest some smoke weed. We do these things but we have so much on our shoulder that we feel like if we don’t get  if off we are just going to fall down. I mean why in the world do we have anti-depression drugs because people have too much stress that leads them to this depression. This is not good and should not even be.

People do things because of stress, whether it be self-harm or harm to others. This happens because some are in a bad place. And no one should be in a bad place, this world was not made for people to be sad and depressed and have some much stress on them. This world was mad so that people can d something with the life that they are given and help other and their families.

And yet some people wake up everyday asking themselves is this life worth living? My answer to them is yes!

So I say to people do what you love so the stress can go away. Do it better yourself, so you won’t be drowning on your own. DO IT FOR YOU!!!!!


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