i want to look like HIM.

So recently made a post about telling yourself lies. And I explained how you should stop doing, so I thought I might add on to it. The reason for these picture is because they are a reminder for me of what I want to look like. I know it seem like its over rated and heck some of these might even be edited but for me its a goal.


However with this goal I try to make it every month and then month turn out to be years. So I come to the thought that we haven’t achieve something because we can’t endure the struggle. With working out most people don’t understand that you cant just eat everything that they want to and for them that might be a struggle or some don’t even have the time to work out. However thats life if you want a body like these people you have to work for it. There is no short cuts in life so there will be none for you. If you work at it and stay determined you can achieve anything and I believe thats.




Fly Like An Eagle

As a baby we are sheltered from the world and there is nothing wrong; however, as we grow up thats the worst thing possible. As we get older we need to gain experience in the world.

They way I see it sheltering is a bad thing, point blank, because when you are pushed out the door and adulthood approaches you as an adult need to be able to be a big girl or boy , because right now your parents are not with you.

When are pushed out of the nest and start to dive you have to decide whats the next move whats going to happen next. Because the truth is when your going down there is no one how want to go down with you. So this is a critical time to think and plan and then take action. Calling and wait on others is not going to help you in the real world you have to do it on your own.

So before you leap out into the world ask yourself are you truly ready.

Connor Compilation Album: Vol 6

Its the big 6, the 0-6, and its finally coming back to you. Connor Franta has released his new music compilation album with some new artist that he enjoys and his fan will also enjoy.

As for the music I’m sure that Connor took care of all that and we’ll be jamming to it in our cars sometime soon.

However as for the design, I mean did you see those lips, its great. The color go and you can see the theme of it.

So if you want to experience a life changing moment go to the site.

Telling Yourself Lies

You shouldn’t tell yourself something if it isn’t true, because then your truly be lying to yourself and that can be truly painful to have to live with those lies that you wake up to every morning. Because that only hurts you and does nothing for you.

You get this feeling that your life is a lie. When its not, your truth and your image are the realest thing that you have. And the fact that you lie about who is are is bad and it hurts you deep inside.

Look in the mirror so that so that you can tell yourself the truth. So that you can see your eyes when to tell that lie and ask do you really believe what you are saying or is it all just an act.

Tell yourself  the truth, because when you tell yourself that you feel least ashamed of who you are and what you become you see this woman or man that has been your reflection for awhile and you really talk the truth to them. So what you have to decide now is that since you’ve said it what are you doing to go about it, because we all know actions speaks louder than words.

How I want you to do it is with empowerment; do it because you want to and not because someone else told you to do it, you have control of your body so take control of it. But you can only do it of you stop telling yourself those lies. So its time to grow up and tell the world the truth.

A Stand Still

You shouldn’t be crying or thinking that your life is messed up, because the truth is that you are just beginning.

This hole, this situation, its not here to hurt you. Its here to to help you to grow. This stand still is

so that you can focus on things that are important. And you are IMPORTANT.

You say that you have no job, but in this time that you didn’t have one you stressed out more times than ever.  This is the time where you need to focus on you, you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself what it it I want to accomplish. Maybe start on that book you talked about or travel to that place that you’ve dreamed about. Don’t make this time a as stressful one, think of it as a time to pleasure, relaxing, and a cleanse from all the stress in the world.

People wait everyday in their lives for something good to happen to them or for someone else to do, but it turns out that they never did anything for themselves. So from me I say to you there is no better time to relax than the present especially if you can.So now it time that you think what is better for you in the present and not the future.

Check out my video if you want to know more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJJntnxb4X0

Its Getting A Little Darker

The time has come and it has finally arrived.


The first one ,if I must say so myself, was amazing the chemistry, the physical attraction my heart was racing however in this new trailer you get a taste of another side. May it be darker or one it restrained. No matter how you see it, the franchise will always be sexy and indulging.

From the trailer you get a sense of openness from both side Christian wants a relationship, but Anastasia wants no rules. I believe a compromise is in order. Maybe they get it from their sex whether it be in the shower or a quickie in an art galla. You see it in their eyes that they need and want to the other.

However there is a problem you see that Anastasia not the first person to get Christian in the right path and as for Anastasia, herself, there is a mystery guy in her life.

Now I wont get to much into the trailer itself but i’ll wait for to heard it and I can’t wait for you thoughts. See you when the movie comes out.