The Wolverine is Out and Helping a Little Girl.

It has finally arrived the new Wolverine movie title “Logan” from the trailer you can see that Logan as well as Professor X have grow very old. However in their old age not much love has come from it, as you hear Logan say that the world has changed and that there are no more mutants. However, he is wrong there is a girl who is many ways like Logan.

As they travel around I assume trying to protect her from something it kinda looks like a family road-trip with a father, a daughter, and their sweet old grandpa. I sucks to say that this is not what the movie is like. You can see that even in the trailer just because there is a little girl in the movie doesn’t mean you want to talk your five year old to see this because they might have nightmares. So to wrap it up this movie seems to be all that I and maybe anyone else need to theres action, emotion, and the fury of the Wolverine.

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