When Do You Know?

So my question today is when do you know? When do you know that what you are doing is right, when do you know that this decision. So you made a bold move and this move, this move  that you thought about day in and day out it keeps coming to you. Are you making the best decision are you making a decision that you think would benefit you. But benefiting you is good right or are you just benefiting yourself so that you don’t hurt others. Well you know what I saw do what you believe in think about it and think never move on a decision that you haven’t thought of. And if its a real decision that can change your life then it will hurt and it will be hard to continue on the course, but you have to WILL to continue with your mind and know what you are doing is right. Pray, think, and think some more and really decide what best for you and not for those around. Sorry to say but that is true, so ask yourself when do you know whats best for you.


Ready for Your Mind to be Blown Away? Doctor Strange Review

The most anticipated and mind blowing of the year and that fact that I came during the winter kinda gives you hope that Marvel still has time to give us the magical and mysterious adventures that we so desire.

Anyway back the movie the first part shows you the strength of the person and what he is really looking for in the movie however during the movie ask yourself is he really the only antagonist of the story. Shortly after the man decapitates the librarian we see the Ancient One, who if I must say so did look that bad bald or in a yellow robe. Anyhow she kicked some but however with this scene as much as the other fight scenes there was action and yes your looking at the screen asking yourself if your on weed or is this really good, but in the action it was as dramatic as I would have thought that there would have been more anyway still a great movie.

Now as for Dr.Strange his backstory is still kinda basic, however what different that I seen from the animated Dr.Strange is that fact that he didn’t break his hand from a monster but from speeding in the rain while looking down at his phone which shows you that you have to pay attention to the road and slow down. As for his personality of course that was there and he had a certain charm to him and also a deeper sense of determination. Cocky could also be used to define him.

Although as spec that was different is how he got there and that whole situation I won’t go into it because I want you to watch the movie but it great. Like I said the action was alright but it was definitely there as well as there being a hint of comedy and also a fire of immortality.

As you watch pay attention to small details for that it will show you every and all things that you need to figure out the puzzle.