Strange Moments #1

The moment when you ask yourself why, what happened, when did this happen that just such strange things could happen in this house. I mean it happened and here I am a thirst bottom or top thats seeking an adventure but are constantly past by me as I wonder where my life has gone.

Ongoing it will start and who knows when it will stop, who knows when the urge will be complete, who knows when I will be at peace.

I am vulnerable and I know that sometime people have needs but when will these things stop. When will I believe in my heart what I am doing can and will complete me.I guess I won’t know until the circle of life is almost over, which I don’t plan on seeing for a very long time.

But what happens next am I going to be petty a hold my emotion grow until bad things start to happen or should I be myself and spawn a new fruit. The truth is that the truth has passed me by I feel weak I really let me guard down, so straight guys could maybe turn into something else and that would maybe change something. Its because in the back of my head I know i’ll be somewhat at peace if I know i have achieved human connection that is wonderful and inspiring.

But till then we’ll wait and hope for angel to come and make happiness a thing.


Best Father and Daughter Road Trip: Logan Movie Review.

LOGAN, the man of many abilities and many problems come back again for, what we hope will no be that last time. However if these movie is the last them I couldn’t think of a better way to end it, because Logan was EXTRAORDINARY.

The music, the action, the effects it was all there to make this wonderful film that I will buy on DVD and Blu-Ray. First when I tell you these people wasted no money on blood I mean you saw everything from fleshing being thrown around to people’s face being clawed out and it was a learning experience to watch especially with the little girl how knew how to kick some butt and cut somebody down, if you ask me I think she learned some of her movies from a lady in blue.

Nevertheless there are always OMG moments I advise you not to drink to much soda cause you will want to be in the theater for the whole movie.

And at the same time don’t just get caught up in the action of the whole thing but also the dialect because you can learn some new things and also laugh a lot. In conclusion it will and should go down in history as one of the best Marvel movies ever made and for that its a 5 out of 5 for me.

p.s No end credit scene

p.s.s You want to be in the theater before the previews ends.