Strange Moments #1

The moment when you ask yourself why, what happened, when did this happen that just such strange things could happen in this house. I mean it happened and here I am a thirst bottom or top thats seeking an adventure but are constantly past by me as I wonder where my life has gone.

Ongoing it will start and who knows when it will stop, who knows when the urge will be complete, who knows when I will be at peace.

I am vulnerable and I know that sometime people have needs but when will these things stop. When will I believe in my heart what I am doing can and will complete me.I guess I won’t know until the circle of life is almost over, which I don’t plan on seeing for a very long time.

But what happens next am I going to be petty a hold my emotion grow until bad things start to happen or should I be myself and spawn a new fruit. The truth is that the truth has passed me by I feel weak I really let me guard down, so straight guys could maybe turn into something else and that would maybe change something. Its because in the back of my head I know i’ll be somewhat at peace if I know i have achieved human connection that is wonderful and inspiring.

But till then we’ll wait and hope for angel to come and make happiness a thing.


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