Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.


Hey people so its Elijah here and right know I’m having one of the biggest dilemmas in my life. So, one hand I work at a movie theatre and although the people I work with are amazing its the guest that really get on my nerves with their request and their stupid questions. Sometime I want to cuss them out and sometime I just want to quit and  find a new job, but the things is that if I found a new job I could work at a place where i didn’t have to worry about uber or even taking a bus because its literally up the street. The only thing that i am most worried about the money; You see I got bills to pay and food that I need to eat and part of me is not sure about taking that leap. Half of me is like yes go ahead and do it but the other half is like you have something good going why mess it up know.

Truly I don’t know and the fact that they are offering a promotion and I could get it makes me want to stay more, but i don’t think my mindset is there, but how do I know my mindset is going to be good anywhere. So we’ll see what happens in the future.


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