So I Just Found Out About Dick Appointments?!?!?

To be quite honest the term I am about to tell you could have only came from me actually living my life and living with people who are also living their life. The term is dick appointment, now hearing the word you kind of get an idea of what it means but I wanted to dive in a little more. According to the lovely Urban Dictionary dick appointment is to set an appointment to have sex with a man.


Now how does that work because it doesn’t seem like a bootie call because those are mostly random and whenever a person is feeling, but I feel like a dick appointment is something that is more schedule. So, I guess an example would be like “Hey Tod so can we have sex on Thursday at 9pm when I get off work” and then Tod’s like “Sure no problem I’ll be there” Like in 2017 that’s not as weird as you think, because some people want to know are we here for the relationship part or just to have sex. I think that with dick appointments you know honestly it could go either way but that’s something the parties would have to talk about.


This is my only message about the subject, yes there is nothing kind of wrong with a bootie call and yes there is nothing wrong with a dick appointment just make sure one, you are being safe; two, it’s actually good; and three, you are in it for the right reasons.



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