Who can you really and truly trust? Your friends or family or anyone for that fact.

Trust you see as some people say is something that should be earned and not given. Others have more of an opposite view. Trust is what the person dems your are able to handle. Its the thought that you can handle the secret I’m about to tell you.

Trust is in the eye of the beholder. Its so powerful that when you tell people the truth you wonder why you are even telling them this in the first place. When you find that person it you SOUL FRIEND! And you should embrace that and love it. The Truth is hard and well life is too. It may even be one of the reasons that life is so hard. Not everyone you come across can handle to truth, but everyone deserve it not matter how heartbreaking it is.



Did you see it? Were you there? Well I was, that season premiere was everything that I need, but during the whole episode there was one burning question. Who killed Rebecca? I for one already knew that it could be only the one that wanted all this stuff to end did you watch, you should watch and see that it only the person, that one person that monster who killed Rebecca. And then this mysterious but yet amazing character came, she was flawless, she was everything, but what do we really now about her. NOTHING, but if you keep watching you’ll find out, you’ll find out what kind of connection she had with Annalise and also how they bonded. But as for the two kids with their parent death good luck but I already know WHO did. NOW THE ONLY QUESTION IS WHY WAS ANNALISEE BLEEDING OUT ON THE FLOOR, WHO KILLED THE AUNT, AND WHY WAS WEST RUNNING AWAY. WELL I GUESS WE WILL WAIT TO FIND OUT!

The Dream

The heavens are the limitsThe sky is the start

The world is the place where my dreams starts

I can picture it and see it

I got to see it to believe it 
I see my dreams just need to be with it

I think about life and what it could be

Some just need to stop being lazy

I can see the success but got to get there the mess

I see the struggle got to stay on my hustle
I can see the dreams

I can see my faith

I can see the future

I can be it one day