Fashion in Magazine (Part One)

So today will be one of my second blogs about fashion and this one is gonna be one that I very much enjoy. You see I have many magazine subscriptions and the reason I have them is because one I love to read the articles, learn new things and see different perspectives and the other would be because of the fashion in them. I love to see the new clothes and the new style and just get inspiration from them or even copy them.


For me looking that these new styles gives me new ideas and new ways to think about how to style and wear new outfits. It helps me grow my closet, so that I can grow in myself thus empowering myself to be more comfortable in my own skin.


These pictures are never just pictures for me put a way for me to express who I am in many different ways, shape, and form. So, I would like to thank all magazine and here are some pictures that I really like from Esquire magazine.

Fashion in Magazine Part 1