Best Father and Daughter Road Trip: Logan Movie Review.

LOGAN, the man of many abilities and many problems come back again for, what we hope will no be that last time. However if these movie is the last them I couldn’t think of a better way to end it, because Logan was EXTRAORDINARY.

The music, the action, the effects it was all there to make this wonderful film that I will buy on DVD and Blu-Ray. First when I tell you these people wasted no money on blood I mean you saw everything from fleshing being thrown around to people’s face being clawed out and it was a learning experience to watch especially with the little girl how knew how to kick some butt and cut somebody down, if you ask me I think she learned some of her movies from a lady in blue.

Nevertheless there are always OMG moments I advise you not to drink to much soda cause you will want to be in the theater for the whole movie.

And at the same time don’t just get caught up in the action of the whole thing but also the dialect because you can learn some new things and also laugh a lot. In conclusion it will and should go down in history as one of the best Marvel movies ever made and for that its a 5 out of 5 for me.

p.s No end credit scene

p.s.s You want to be in the theater before the previews ends.


Ready for Your Mind to be Blown Away? Doctor Strange Review

The most anticipated and mind blowing of the year and that fact that I came during the winter kinda gives you hope that Marvel still has time to give us the magical and mysterious adventures that we so desire.

Anyway back the movie the first part shows you the strength of the person and what he is really looking for in the movie however during the movie ask yourself is he really the only antagonist of the story. Shortly after the man decapitates the librarian we see the Ancient One, who if I must say so did look that bad bald or in a yellow robe. Anyhow she kicked some but however with this scene as much as the other fight scenes there was action and yes your looking at the screen asking yourself if your on weed or is this really good, but in the action it was as dramatic as I would have thought that there would have been more anyway still a great movie.

Now as for Dr.Strange his backstory is still kinda basic, however what different that I seen from the animated Dr.Strange is that fact that he didn’t break his hand from a monster but from speeding in the rain while looking down at his phone which shows you that you have to pay attention to the road and slow down. As for his personality of course that was there and he had a certain charm to him and also a deeper sense of determination. Cocky could also be used to define him.

Although as spec that was different is how he got there and that whole situation I won’t go into it because I want you to watch the movie but it great. Like I said the action was alright but it was definitely there as well as there being a hint of comedy and also a fire of immortality.

As you watch pay attention to small details for that it will show you every and all things that you need to figure out the puzzle.

The Wolverine is Out and Helping a Little Girl.

It has finally arrived the new Wolverine movie title “Logan” from the trailer you can see that Logan as well as Professor X have grow very old. However in their old age not much love has come from it, as you hear Logan say that the world has changed and that there are no more mutants. However, he is wrong there is a girl who is many ways like Logan.

As they travel around I assume trying to protect her from something it kinda looks like a family road-trip with a father, a daughter, and their sweet old grandpa. I sucks to say that this is not what the movie is like. You can see that even in the trailer just because there is a little girl in the movie doesn’t mean you want to talk your five year old to see this because they might have nightmares. So to wrap it up this movie seems to be all that I and maybe anyone else need to theres action, emotion, and the fury of the Wolverine.

If you would like to check out the trailer click here and make sure to like and comment your thoughts below.

Its Getting A Little Darker

The time has come and it has finally arrived.


The first one ,if I must say so myself, was amazing the chemistry, the physical attraction my heart was racing however in this new trailer you get a taste of another side. May it be darker or one it restrained. No matter how you see it, the franchise will always be sexy and indulging.

From the trailer you get a sense of openness from both side Christian wants a relationship, but Anastasia wants no rules. I believe a compromise is in order. Maybe they get it from their sex whether it be in the shower or a quickie in an art galla. You see it in their eyes that they need and want to the other.

However there is a problem you see that Anastasia not the first person to get Christian in the right path and as for Anastasia, herself, there is a mystery guy in her life.

Now I wont get to much into the trailer itself but i’ll wait for to heard it and I can’t wait for you thoughts. See you when the movie comes out.

The Crazies are in the House (Suicide Squad Review)

Well guys the movie is finally out and I have finally seen it so I am ready to give my review.

So during this what I am going to call a rant try to stay with me because it might go all over the place.

First from the beginning I appreciated the back stories how ever some of them really did tell us a lot about the character like Dead shot we know he’s a hitman but how did be become like that what made his so much of a sharpshooter those are the questions that come to mind. However I did like the fact they you know the setting of the movie and the time so that way you know what is happening and why everything is going on.

Second every single actor and actress was amazing. The character for Harley Quinn was incredible and I believe that was the right pick. But that Voila Davis played a bad-assed character. This lady showed no mercy and no regret and I have to say that I loved it. Will Smith I mean watching the movie Dead-shot keep it real the whole time, nothing was in the shadows with him.

And now for the main man, who i kinda though acted more like a side character, Mr.J. I’ll be honest I wasn’t feeling it. The love with him and Harley was good but the evil inside of him was not there he wasn’t even scary or strange in that type of way, if this was a class on playing the Joker he would get a D.

However the movie itself was a force to be amazed by it never the less it give it a 3.9 out of 5.

Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them

More magic my friends another trailer for Fantastic Beast and where to find them is out. You’ll like this trailer because it saw another side of the WIzarding World that we haven’t seen. You get so see more magic and even more creatures. And if you look close you may even see some beast.

So I hope you enjoy the new trailer and please leave a comment about what you thought about the trailer.

A Tease of the Justice League

The warriors from DC come to save the universe. So if you don’t know there has been a release trailer of the Justice League and it gives up a snack of whats to come.

Batman is trying to form the, if I may say so, Band of Misfits to help the world and from what it looks like I think they are going to rock the house. Some people like me have many question like who’s all going to be in and how the story is going to be told. However from what I pick up in the trailer it will be told amazingly and with some shots of humor in there.

Now if you want to see it make sure you check out the trailer and please leave a comment about what you thought of it and what we as watchers should expect to see.

Beauty is Power:Wonder Woman

Listen people this is what we have all be waiting for, the trailer for Wonder Woman. I must say that it is pleasing to the eyes. You see this lady, this woman fighting for whats right and for justice and during all these scenes it like I want to be like her.

Woman around the world I know are happy right now because now there is a movie, a superhero movie that stars a woman as the main character. And i can say also that I am as happy as anyone, because I didn’t just see the fighting and the power I saw the truth.

The truth is that beauty is power, Wonder Woman allows looks amazing where every she goes; however, she is never afraid to go out and fight. Thats a lesson we can all learn from beauty does not mean weakness it shows readiness.

So please watch this trailer and comment below what are your thoughts one this new movie and trailer.

Now You See Me 2 Now You Don’t 

Now You See Me 2 one of the most anticipated movies of 2016 has risen from the water and if I do say so myself it was GRAND. The actors were great and they gave up the sense of wonder and excitement whenever something happen. However the girl was trying in a little to hard to be funny. However I do have to be a fan girl for a moment because Dave Franco was FREAKIN HOT. I mean I don’t know what’s going on with him but I love his style. Also the girl she was trying to hard to be funny it was some what hurting to look at.

Now the magic trick was amazing and the character connections were great. When they performed their tricks it was a amazing you thought something was happening in which reality it was just the opposite. To understand you really have to sit back and watch and really understand what is going on because if you miss a second you miss everything. You miss the acting in the acting, the trick after trick, you miss the illiusion that some how what theses people are doing is really but it’s also fake. You have to decide watchers what if real and what it fake.

The Poetic Fight for Justice:Captain America Civil War

First let me say this movie is epic and is the best summer movie so far out. That story started out with a classical superheroes trying to save the day and then all things that could possible go wrong does. People start to lose their minds to what is good and what is wrong. Stark and Steve battle it out not with the eyes of loyalty but with the eyes of revenge. See Stark hates to say it but what the Winter Solider did he know that, that can never be fixed. Now as for Steve he just wants time with his buddy, Bucky., he wants to relive the time that were taken away from both of them.
New character are introduced and man were they amazing. Black Panther could move like a snake but also had this way of talking that even when fighting him you still had respect for him. Spider-Man brought humor back to the Marvel screen which was very much needed in these times of crisis.
The movie itself was so in captivating that if you had to use the bathroom you didn’t want to get up because it was so GREAT AND AMAZING. Like it said it was poetry everything flowed and it all made scene and I say

5 OUT OF 5