Sober V. Non-Sober

So today is the bad we talk about the fact that most people have different sides. Whether it be you change when your high or drunk. There’s always a different part of you and today is when I want to talk about the two sides of me.

The side that most people is Elijah the charming, skinny man that likes to tell people what they want to hear vs what he really thinks. And sometimes it can be good things but most time I just think and think and wonder what’s the right thing to say. What’s a good that won’t make people feel bad. That’s what I’m like sober I tend to think about what should I say to make others feel better. Sometime that requires me lying and others I might actually tell the truth. So, the truth is sober me is also the one who lies and tell people what he thinks they need to hear.


Then we have another Elijah he is not sober at all not matter the substance is. He is a person that tells the truth however might also tell lies to to creep people’s eyes but in reality, it could also hurt people. He is the person that sometime doesn’t care what people think and tells them like you mean it. He is a different person from a different planet.


So, I tell you this because I want you to know this, so that way you can incorporate your sober self with your not so sober self. Do the best to be your self no matter the cost


Not Burning the Bridge

How many times have you cared for someone, like really cared for them but it didn’t work out. I can think of a few situations. I also know what happens in such situations. Bridges are burned and are never to rebuild again, but did it happens. And you know what in certain situations that’s ok but in others even though you’re not talking. It still may not be bad to have that person in your life. It’s a person you can talk to someone that you can feel somewhat close to. Burning bridges is something that is permanent sometimes, and sometimes it shouldn’t be. So, I say let’s stop burning bridges and let’s put the water under the bridge. Let’s build relationships back and not destroy them.

Love Making V. Banging

Let’s talking about sex, specifically the sex making. I have a conversation with one of my friends about having a relationship with his girl to the fact we have talked about making love and banging someone.


You see I see banging someone is the act where you are literally fucking for the fun of it. There is no emotional attachment there is only the sex and that’s all it is. I don’t know if I’m saying that it’s a bad thing because people have their fligs and as long as someone wears a condom who really cares. However remember banging is different then love making.


Now love making, that stuff is intense, that’s stuff is passionate and has all the love in it. It when you see the person and you get a loving feeling and you feel like if you don’t you might explode. The loving making is passionate kissing, heavenly touching, and great sex. The difference from it and banging is that there is love and passion and it’s not just sex


So that all I have today.

Telling Yourself Lies

You shouldn’t tell yourself something if it isn’t true, because then your truly be lying to yourself and that can be truly painful to have to live with those lies that you wake up to every morning. Because that only hurts you and does nothing for you.

You get this feeling that your life is a lie. When its not, your truth and your image are the realest thing that you have. And the fact that you lie about who is are is bad and it hurts you deep inside.

Look in the mirror so that so that you can tell yourself the truth. So that you can see your eyes when to tell that lie and ask do you really believe what you are saying or is it all just an act.

Tell yourself  the truth, because when you tell yourself that you feel least ashamed of who you are and what you become you see this woman or man that has been your reflection for awhile and you really talk the truth to them. So what you have to decide now is that since you’ve said it what are you doing to go about it, because we all know actions speaks louder than words.

How I want you to do it is with empowerment; do it because you want to and not because someone else told you to do it, you have control of your body so take control of it. But you can only do it of you stop telling yourself those lies. So its time to grow up and tell the world the truth.

A Stand Still

You shouldn’t be crying or thinking that your life is messed up, because the truth is that you are just beginning.

This hole, this situation, its not here to hurt you. Its here to to help you to grow. This stand still is

so that you can focus on things that are important. And you are IMPORTANT.

You say that you have no job, but in this time that you didn’t have one you stressed out more times than ever.  This is the time where you need to focus on you, you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself what it it I want to accomplish. Maybe start on that book you talked about or travel to that place that you’ve dreamed about. Don’t make this time a as stressful one, think of it as a time to pleasure, relaxing, and a cleanse from all the stress in the world.

People wait everyday in their lives for something good to happen to them or for someone else to do, but it turns out that they never did anything for themselves. So from me I say to you there is no better time to relax than the present especially if you can.So now it time that you think what is better for you in the present and not the future.

Check out my video if you want to know more:

The Stress!!!

“ Everybody gets high sometime you know, what else can we do when we’re feeling low. So take a deep breathe and let it go”

Those words say something to me. What they say is that people are stressed out. And this is not a certain groups of people, this is all of humanity.

And as we developed in the world we been cursed with the stress of; whats gonna to happen to us or how we going to pay these bills; these are some thoughts that plague our minds.

So what we have done is founded a way to relieve our stress. Some people go to church, others go for a walk, and to be honest some smoke weed. We do these things but we have so much on our shoulder that we feel like if we don’t get  if off we are just going to fall down. I mean why in the world do we have anti-depression drugs because people have too much stress that leads them to this depression. This is not good and should not even be.

People do things because of stress, whether it be self-harm or harm to others. This happens because some are in a bad place. And no one should be in a bad place, this world was not made for people to be sad and depressed and have some much stress on them. This world was mad so that people can d something with the life that they are given and help other and their families.

And yet some people wake up everyday asking themselves is this life worth living? My answer to them is yes!

So I say to people do what you love so the stress can go away. Do it better yourself, so you won’t be drowning on your own. DO IT FOR YOU!!!!!


Courage is something that as we grow me must learn, it is something that may someday challenge us to do daring things. However with those daring things there can be great success. The thing is if you feel like you gonna die doing something 9 times out of 10 you should do it. Because when you have that feeling that dying felling you should know what you are doing is right. Courage is a sub section of experience it fuel or experiences into what we are willing and not willing to do.

Courage is what allows us to believe in things, like is you’re a parent you need to have courage that yes your child is going out in the real world but with courage you say that I did what I have to do and I raised them right. It’s ok to lack courage because no one is born with but as you go on with life don’t run away from things.

Another thing is that courage is not peer-pressure and don’t let anyone tell you that. Wanted to do something and someone making you do something are two completely different things however the courage is when you say no to under age drinking, gun violence, and drugs.

What I want to let you guys know is that it’s time to build up your courage so that way you can do more with you life. Maybe get that job promotion or start a career and not a job heck quit your job. But if there is something that I can say is go out in the world have courage and get things done.

Working for Success: Entitlement 

People work everyday and every week trying to grab enough money to make ends meet. However nowadays people feel as if though they are entitled to something. The fact is if you think you are owed something in this world you are stupid. If you want something out of your life and out of this world you have to work hard to go get it. Life ain’t easy and neither will working be but if you want something that bad you will do what you have to do.

With work because worth is what I always say. To get the worth out of life you have to put the work in. Blood, sweat, and tears are what birth the success of this nation and if will birth your successfulness. The thought that someone will just give it to you is only in your imagination you have to do what you believe will get you to where you want to be and not wait on others.

Ur Almost to Love: Part Two

A long time ago I made a video your almost to love and it was to explain the fact that no matter what happens in life there will be heart break and that just means your closer to your love. But now to day I want to reinvent what I have said to help others looking for love.

Love and Like is something we always get tongue tied on whether it be a person or a place or even a food we feel some type of emotion towards it and with that emotion you get connected. When connect you feel that you have certain responsibly to that Love or Like situation you feel that you need to always and only eat this type of food or this is the only hotel that gonna treat you right or you feel like even if the person you feel deeply invested in starts to yell at you, you feel like you have the responsible to take it. And I’m here to tell you straight up that that’s not the case even though you have a connection does no mean you have to take care of that person day in and day out you have a life too. I believe you should live your life to the fullest because there are always fish in the sea.

You as a person are bound by no person no male or female you have the right to walk away,but if you don’t I understand maybe its because they have no one else to talk to and you and you want to be that person, but when you have a conversation there should be no yelling and one person should not leave the conversation feeling bad about what happened. You should be a united front to where you figure out things together because even one feelings matters and that includes your. So even though you feel connected to that person or that things and of you are mad, don’t yell and fight with one another listen and understand that’s the best way to solve a problem. So now  I say to you.

Fully understand the problem

Encourage one other

Listen closely

Individuals matter

People have feelings

Even one needs to be united


Work for Success

See recently I have been noticing young people making a big step in the world. One person in particular is Patrick Finnegan, he apparently only 19 years old and already has more money than most people. He a consultant for Generation Z, when some of us can even got to work to make our 7.25. I see how he holds himself and in no way am I trying to be a copy cat it just that I am ready to work. I’m ready to have a career in which I enjoy going to but I believe that the first step to this process is working and trying to put yourself out there for people to notice. I am ready to work for for my success, I’m ready to put in the work that is needed what’s why I am going to college; its to make sure that I have all the key items to be successful. 

Tell me don’t you ever see yourself as more than what you are, don’t you want to have that house and drive that car? Then it is time for us in the world to work for it and not just wait for it to be given to us, but to go out there and grab by force. Make your mark on the world and be ready to work for your success.