Not Burning the Bridge

How many times have you cared for someone, like really cared for them but it didn’t work out. I can think of a few situations. I also know what happens in such situations. Bridges are burned and are never to rebuild again, but did it happens. And you know what in certain situations that’s ok but in others even though you’re not talking. It still may not be bad to have that person in your life. It’s a person you can talk to someone that you can feel somewhat close to. Burning bridges is something that is permanent sometimes, and sometimes it shouldn’t be. So, I say let’s stop burning bridges and let’s put the water under the bridge. Let’s build relationships back and not destroy them.


Love Making V. Banging

Let’s talking about sex, specifically the sex making. I have a conversation with one of my friends about having a relationship with his girl to the fact we have talked about making love and banging someone.


You see I see banging someone is the act where you are literally fucking for the fun of it. There is no emotional attachment there is only the sex and that’s all it is. I don’t know if I’m saying that it’s a bad thing because people have their fligs and as long as someone wears a condom who really cares. However remember banging is different then love making.


Now love making, that stuff is intense, that’s stuff is passionate and has all the love in it. It when you see the person and you get a loving feeling and you feel like if you don’t you might explode. The loving making is passionate kissing, heavenly touching, and great sex. The difference from it and banging is that there is love and passion and it’s not just sex


So that all I have today.

Ur Almost to Love: Part Two

A long time ago I made a video your almost to love and it was to explain the fact that no matter what happens in life there will be heart break and that just means your closer to your love. But now to day I want to reinvent what I have said to help others looking for love.

Love and Like is something we always get tongue tied on whether it be a person or a place or even a food we feel some type of emotion towards it and with that emotion you get connected. When connect you feel that you have certain responsibly to that Love or Like situation you feel that you need to always and only eat this type of food or this is the only hotel that gonna treat you right or you feel like even if the person you feel deeply invested in starts to yell at you, you feel like you have the responsible to take it. And I’m here to tell you straight up that that’s not the case even though you have a connection does no mean you have to take care of that person day in and day out you have a life too. I believe you should live your life to the fullest because there are always fish in the sea.

You as a person are bound by no person no male or female you have the right to walk away,but if you don’t I understand maybe its because they have no one else to talk to and you and you want to be that person, but when you have a conversation there should be no yelling and one person should not leave the conversation feeling bad about what happened. You should be a united front to where you figure out things together because even one feelings matters and that includes your. So even though you feel connected to that person or that things and of you are mad, don’t yell and fight with one another listen and understand that’s the best way to solve a problem. So now  I say to you.

Fully understand the problem

Encourage one other

Listen closely

Individuals matter

People have feelings

Even one needs to be united


A Helping Hand

A helping hand is something that we use as much as possible whether it be to help us to get there our daily life style.

We always need a helping hand and there is nothing wrong for asking for it.The hand is there because it is there to guild us it is there to help us and lead us into a world of unknown. Asking is never a sin because knowledge bring power and having power over your life is the best thing that you can do for yourself. With your helping hand that is what allow you to get out of bed in the morning those hands are what opens your eye in the morning. So I say to you if you are in need of help do not hesitate to ask because those who ask with receive.


Are you straight, are you gay, do you like girls or guys? These are question that are asked of people when no one knows. Some assume and believe, what they want and other just asked. Well as the world is evolving most people don’t like to put labels on themselves, it is said that people love who they love and it doesn’t matter. I believe that you should too, love is love and everyone in life will have time to receive.
However regretting you sexuality, its just you, don’t let others put you in a box and define what you are, because that is your chose and should be made on your own decision.
The feeling of love is strong and strange and when you find it in the right person, trust me you will know, you will feel it and you will see it.
If there life someone want you to explain yourself, you could explain it how you see it and if they don’t get them its just their fought. YOU ARE YOU and I AM ME!

My Angel

My Angel

How we met I could never forget

But looking in your eyes makes me feel like a lucky guy

You shine so bright

All I see is light

Don’t know how you feel for me

Was it my baldness charm or the way I held you in my arms?

You mean the world to me

You’re the greatness girl I’ve ever seen

And the fact that you’re awesome and so relax

That me and you could watch a movie and just have a chat

Dinner with you I just can’t explain

I want to shower you with respect

Is that insane

And I’ve never met a girl like you

You know what I’ve been there

You know my pain you know my sorrows

But you heal me every time

Because I know I’ll see you tomorrow

Who Really Loves U

It may be you or someone else but everyone has someone not far from them looking at them every day. Now in no way do I see that as being a stalker, but it’s kinda cute. Feelings for someone always finds its way to open even if it’s just between the two of you. Don’t worry about what people say just go for the jump just to see what is going to happened trust me I have tried, it works sometime, LOL. But really like what else to do have going on in your life take a leap of faith, they might not like you and so what yall might just become good friends. Humor me and that little voice in your head do something spontaneous. It should be a good ride