Relationship Truth

Relationship are a complicated thing

You hope for the best and the truth to stay in love

You hope to one day see those flying doves

You hope for one day to see that ring

You hope for one day that it will be everything

But in reality you know

One day it’ll come to an end

One day it’ll crash and burn

You don’t think about this hell in your head

But it haunts you and taunts you as you go to bed

You say I want to be with this person

I want to love them

But in real life it’s a fight

A fight to keep those feeling

A fight to stay true

You don’t want to break up but what if you do

Sobbing, crying thinking about what it feels to lose

But in reality you don’t know what you want to do

If you say it, it’s there

If you think a hardship you must bear

If you write it, you must read it

And if you read it, will it be with you for eternity

So you hope and pray that you would feel the same way

And you care and care but the feeling are not there

So you think and think what to do

But in reality the answer is really looking at you.



Poetry #2

The truth is I don’t know why I’m here

It is for a comedic purpose

Or is for a common enemy

Is it for the ownership

Because one day I’ll own all of it

Days and days, I struggle and I drift away

One by one I said yes

And now I say no everyday

I think and pray and see what to say

But then I think what am I going to do today

Without you, you think I have nothing

Without you, you think I’m poor

But without you, I can be much more

I can breathe and fly

I can’t wait to see the sky

But when you’re in my view all I see is blue

Blue rain that descends from my eyes

A storm that starts in the sky

That’s how it is with you


You see, what I see

But still choose to believe in different things

See no matter what I say, no matter what I do that thought you have will always be true to you

From the perspective you see, will be the only thing that you believe

See in your eyes I’m a sloth, but in mine I’m an eagle

I got dreams and I like to soar

And all you keep doing is knocking down my door

Trying to knock down my door

With the fact that you think that everything that I have should be taken right back

But that’s how you see and choose to believe, but I work hard so you best believe it

You see my time and money is picked from a different type of honey

My perspective is the rise

To go above the human eye

To be the man on the hill

To have an empire that I built

That’s what I see

You see lazy, I see patience

You see stupid, I see creative

It’s all in the perspective of how you see

Cause if your only looking from your eye

Then trust and believe you will never know the real me


The Cherry

The cherry that pops

The emotions that doesn’t stop

I’ve been told it’s all at a drop

A drop of losing a special thing

Something that hold you and mold you

You lose it whenever, wherever at a moment’s notice

It’s sweet like cherry pie

So today I think I’ll keep mine

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley

That’s who I wish to be

The hurt and pain I feel in my stomach

It’s a hurt I must endure

The hunger and the thirst is something I must ignore

Day by Day I fade away

Hoping I will be no more

Until there is nothing to see

Nothing to be

And that’s just it’s nothing I will eat

Poetry #1

The cries of the angels that fall from heaven

Will never know of the suffering demons feel in hell

The screams, the torture, the not knowing what comes next

It hurts them

Sometimes they cry

But that doesn’t make them feel good inside

It burns like the desert

It drips from their eyes to their cheeks

Touching their skin and burning everything

There is no goodness In relief there in only pain

There is sorrow

The one who feels sorrow is the butterfly that flies around

Not knowing what is happening on the ground

Ignorance is bliss and so is this

Its ok that you don’t care whats happening down below just because it doesn’t effect you doesn’t mean i can’t splash and hit you

And in that hit you’ll feel pain and suffering

And then you’ll wonder why

What did I do to deserve a stab in the back

But its not what you did but what you didn’t do

Its the fact that you could of change

But you sat quietly and let it all happen

A Relaxer

A quick hit

Or a little take

That’s all it takes takes to make the pain go away

A relaxer to ease the spine

something so dearly to calm my mind

over and over again it happen

A relaxer thats strong

That maybe can do some wrong

numb my brain forget the pain

Create a paradise were everything is the same

Relationship and love

Flying little doves

Control my mind with anger

Control my mind with pain

I seek desire

I seek to feed

Yet i do not wish of thee

No wish to eat

No wish to feed

Only to wish of comfort in thee

A relaxer in my soul

To fill the whole

A burn on my skin that can never be healed

A pain in my head that corrupts my feels

A relaxer is what i need

To ease the pain

To become one of the same

The Urge

Have your ever felt the urge

the urge to dive and hope not to die

The urge to fly and see what’s in the sky

The urge to sing and dance

To take off all your clothes and pants

The urge to be you and only you

No matter just how blue the sky is

But only to live until you die so you know what life is

To feel the kiss of a woman or man

Just to hold their hand

Don’t you just have the urge the itch

Just to bite their tinder lips

Work for Success

See recently I have been noticing young people making a big step in the world. One person in particular is Patrick Finnegan, he apparently only 19 years old and already has more money than most people. He a consultant for Generation Z, when some of us can even got to work to make our 7.25. I see how he holds himself and in no way am I trying to be a copy cat it just that I am ready to work. I’m ready to have a career in which I enjoy going to but I believe that the first step to this process is working and trying to put yourself out there for people to notice. I am ready to work for for my success, I’m ready to put in the work that is needed what’s why I am going to college; its to make sure that I have all the key items to be successful. 

Tell me don’t you ever see yourself as more than what you are, don’t you want to have that house and drive that car? Then it is time for us in the world to work for it and not just wait for it to be given to us, but to go out there and grab by force. Make your mark on the world and be ready to work for your success.