Sober V. Non-Sober

So today is the bad we talk about the fact that most people have different sides. Whether it be you change when your high or drunk. There’s always a different part of you and today is when I want to talk about the two sides of me.

The side that most people is Elijah the charming, skinny man that likes to tell people what they want to hear vs what he really thinks. And sometimes it can be good things but most time I just think and think and wonder what’s the right thing to say. What’s a good that won’t make people feel bad. That’s what I’m like sober I tend to think about what should I say to make others feel better. Sometime that requires me lying and others I might actually tell the truth. So, the truth is sober me is also the one who lies and tell people what he thinks they need to hear.


Then we have another Elijah he is not sober at all not matter the substance is. He is a person that tells the truth however might also tell lies to to creep people’s eyes but in reality, it could also hurt people. He is the person that sometime doesn’t care what people think and tells them like you mean it. He is a different person from a different planet.


So, I tell you this because I want you to know this, so that way you can incorporate your sober self with your not so sober self. Do the best to be your self no matter the cost


Not Burning the Bridge

How many times have you cared for someone, like really cared for them but it didn’t work out. I can think of a few situations. I also know what happens in such situations. Bridges are burned and are never to rebuild again, but did it happens. And you know what in certain situations that’s ok but in others even though you’re not talking. It still may not be bad to have that person in your life. It’s a person you can talk to someone that you can feel somewhat close to. Burning bridges is something that is permanent sometimes, and sometimes it shouldn’t be. So, I say let’s stop burning bridges and let’s put the water under the bridge. Let’s build relationships back and not destroy them.

New Apple Event!!!!

So, the truth is finally in and there will be an Apple event on September 12th 10am PDT. Now sadly I think I’ll be in school when it happens, but hey that’s what YouTube is for.

Let’s talk about something that is supposed to be revealed which is the IPhone 8, now when I first saw it I was not happy at all with that new camera and the fact fingerprint readers might not happen, but; with seeing it over and over again I think I’m falling in love. However, the down side of this product is that some say it going to cost close to a thousand dollars to buy and with stuff happening in today’s world it going to hit people like me really hard. Nevertheless, the IPhone 7S and 7S plus are supposed to being coming out so as long as their fast and fancy I might drop some money on it, but not a thousand dollars.

There are also rumors an updated IPhone 7 and 7 plus with wireless charging as well as a 4K apple TV. So, one can hope for the best and I’ll be reporting more when things happen.





To Understand Each Others Love

The one thing that we should all know about love is that it’s confusing sometime and you don’t know if you’re doing the right thing to show your love.


However, one thing is for sure you guys understand each other’s language the way you talk to the way you walk and that’s how you may determine what to do next. By looking and feeling the energy of your spouse you can know how to motivate them or get them comfortable for a cuddle session. Either way you know each-other and that’s great for a relationship.


One thing I thought about is could I have a relationship where the other person understands my toothpaste talk, while others just hear noise they actually hear me speak. I don’t know what I thought about it but it sounds nice.

My First GAY PRIDE !!!

So yesterday was one of the best times of my life as I went to MY FIRST PRIDE! It was so insightful and also thrilling, the person I was when I went in was not the same i was when I left out. Whether it be the experience that I had or the fact that I swam in a pond that was grey. Whatever it was I still had a great time. This social events give us a chance to contact with people who you had no idea exist, to see people that had to deal with the same burden of coming out to their loved ones as you did. And there this adventure you come together with jello shot, dance parties, beads, and a lot of sexy men wearing barely any clothes.

Now as I walked there the crowd I did see some interesting things like people popping their butts in a dance that I could only think about doing or people making out when I’m a little scared to touch the person whom I’m supposed to be in a relationship with. All I can say it that Pride is an experience itself! Nevertheless I still have a thought that straight boys come to Pride to either see what it means to be gay, which is ok, or to tease us with their hot bodies, which is ok too.


So what I say to you is if you ever get a chance to go to Pride in whatever city or state take chance you won’t regret.


A Black Man’s Barber

One thing that I can never live without is my barber in my life, yes I’ve had many but it’s only because I’ve move around. It wasn’t until I got older did I realize that the person cutting my hair, cleaning up my tapeline, and making me look fly on my first day of school is part of my family. This person whomever they were would talk to you about anything; sport, music, and even comedy. The place that people come do maybe twice a month is also a place to rant about life struggles and things you can’t believe happened. So if you’re feeling stress and your hair is a mess check out your nearest barber shop and let me know what happens.  

i want to look like HIM.

So recently made a post about telling yourself lies. And I explained how you should stop doing, so I thought I might add on to it. The reason for these picture is because they are a reminder for me of what I want to look like. I know it seem like its over rated and heck some of these might even be edited but for me its a goal.


However with this goal I try to make it every month and then month turn out to be years. So I come to the thought that we haven’t achieve something because we can’t endure the struggle. With working out most people don’t understand that you cant just eat everything that they want to and for them that might be a struggle or some don’t even have the time to work out. However thats life if you want a body like these people you have to work for it. There is no short cuts in life so there will be none for you. If you work at it and stay determined you can achieve anything and I believe thats.



The High Life

High Life- It’s a way of life. It’s not just about how you dress or what you smokin’. When you’re high life livin’, it means you’re living without boundaries or limits. We don’t follow rules or copy the next man, originality is the key people!! (Urban Dictionary)

I see that the high life last in moments and those are the moments that count. Those are the ones that make your groove to your favorite song or the ones the make you feel like your are a million bucks. Those are the ones that count.

You may not know it or even see it but the average joe has these moments and so does everyone else. Its when they sing their lungs out in the shower or when their dancing and grooving on the kitchen floor. These are their moment that make them feel all high and mighty.

Celebrities have them too when they release a hit song or their movie is the best in the box office; those are their high life moments and yeah they might party in these moments but to them it might not come lightly.

You see these things never come lightly, they come with hard work and dedication.

However what i have to say is that in these moments when you feel like you are a living high life do something good and do it to better   YOURSELF

5 Things To Make Life Better 

Five things, some times all it takes is five things to make your life better and it does take long. These are activities that allow a person to feel better about themselves so that its not so much body negative in life or negativity in general.

With this video you never know you might make a new best friend or do something that can change how you see the world, it honestly all up to you.

So if you have some time in you day to day life I recommend this video free of charge by @tyleroakley .


Courage is something that as we grow me must learn, it is something that may someday challenge us to do daring things. However with those daring things there can be great success. The thing is if you feel like you gonna die doing something 9 times out of 10 you should do it. Because when you have that feeling that dying felling you should know what you are doing is right. Courage is a sub section of experience it fuel or experiences into what we are willing and not willing to do.

Courage is what allows us to believe in things, like is you’re a parent you need to have courage that yes your child is going out in the real world but with courage you say that I did what I have to do and I raised them right. It’s ok to lack courage because no one is born with but as you go on with life don’t run away from things.

Another thing is that courage is not peer-pressure and don’t let anyone tell you that. Wanted to do something and someone making you do something are two completely different things however the courage is when you say no to under age drinking, gun violence, and drugs.

What I want to let you guys know is that it’s time to build up your courage so that way you can do more with you life. Maybe get that job promotion or start a career and not a job heck quit your job. But if there is something that I can say is go out in the world have courage and get things done.