My Love For Photography

My love for photography is something that is incredible it's like the same feeling I get when I’m writing. It's a in the zone kind of feeling when you know you are trying to get a shot of something and don’t even want to move a muscle. It's also a relaxing feel because it's just …

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So I Just Found Out About Dick Appointments?!?!?

To be quite honest the term I am about to tell you could have only came from me actually living my life and living with people who are also living their life. The term is dick appointment, now hearing the word you kind of get an idea of what it means but I wanted to …

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Sober V. Non-Sober

So today is the bad we talk about the fact that most people have different sides. Whether it be you change when your high or drunk. There’s always a different part of you and today is when I want to talk about the two sides of me. The side that most people is Elijah the …

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Not Burning the Bridge

How many times have you cared for someone, like really cared for them but it didn’t work out. I can think of a few situations. I also know what happens in such situations. Bridges are burned and are never to rebuild again, but did it happens. And you know what in certain situations that’s ok …

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Love Making V. Banging

Let’s talking about sex, specifically the sex making. I have a conversation with one of my friends about having a relationship with his girl to the fact we have talked about making love and banging someone.   You see I see banging someone is the act where you are literally fucking for the fun of …

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New Apple Event!!!!

So, the truth is finally in and there will be an Apple event on September 12th 10am PDT. Now sadly I think I’ll be in school when it happens, but hey that’s what YouTube is for. Let’s talk about something that is supposed to be revealed which is the IPhone 8, now when I first …

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Fashion in Magazine (Part One)

So today will be one of my second blogs about fashion and this one is gonna be one that I very much enjoy. You see I have many magazine subscriptions and the reason I have them is because one I love to read the articles, learn new things and see different perspectives and the other …

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The Cherry

The cherry that pops The emotions that doesn’t stop I’ve been told it’s all at a drop A drop of losing a special thing Something that hold you and mold you You lose it whenever, wherever at a moment’s notice It’s sweet like cherry pie So today I think I’ll keep mine

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley That’s who I wish to be The hurt and pain I feel in my stomach It’s a hurt I must endure The hunger and the thirst is something I must ignore Day by Day I fade away Hoping I will be no more Until there is nothing to see Nothing to be And …

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