New Apple Event!!!!

So, the truth is finally in and there will be an Apple event on September 12th 10am PDT. Now sadly I think I’ll be in school when it happens, but hey that’s what YouTube is for.

Let’s talk about something that is supposed to be revealed which is the IPhone 8, now when I first saw it I was not happy at all with that new camera and the fact fingerprint readers might not happen, but; with seeing it over and over again I think I’m falling in love. However, the down side of this product is that some say it going to cost close to a thousand dollars to buy and with stuff happening in today’s world it going to hit people like me really hard. Nevertheless, the IPhone 7S and 7S plus are supposed to being coming out so as long as their fast and fancy I might drop some money on it, but not a thousand dollars.

There are also rumors an updated IPhone 7 and 7 plus with wireless charging as well as a 4K apple TV. So, one can hope for the best and I’ll be reporting more when things happen.