Sober V. Non-Sober

So today is the bad we talk about the fact that most people have different sides. Whether it be you change when your high or drunk. There’s always a different part of you and today is when I want to talk about the two sides of me.

The side that most people is Elijah the charming, skinny man that likes to tell people what they want to hear vs what he really thinks. And sometimes it can be good things but most time I just think and think and wonder what’s the right thing to say. What’s a good that won’t make people feel bad. That’s what I’m like sober I tend to think about what should I say to make others feel better. Sometime that requires me lying and others I might actually tell the truth. So, the truth is sober me is also the one who lies and tell people what he thinks they need to hear.


Then we have another Elijah he is not sober at all not matter the substance is. He is a person that tells the truth however might also tell lies to to creep people’s eyes but in reality, it could also hurt people. He is the person that sometime doesn’t care what people think and tells them like you mean it. He is a different person from a different planet.


So, I tell you this because I want you to know this, so that way you can incorporate your sober self with your not so sober self. Do the best to be your self no matter the cost


Not Burning the Bridge

How many times have you cared for someone, like really cared for them but it didn’t work out. I can think of a few situations. I also know what happens in such situations. Bridges are burned and are never to rebuild again, but did it happens. And you know what in certain situations that’s ok but in others even though you’re not talking. It still may not be bad to have that person in your life. It’s a person you can talk to someone that you can feel somewhat close to. Burning bridges is something that is permanent sometimes, and sometimes it shouldn’t be. So, I say let’s stop burning bridges and let’s put the water under the bridge. Let’s build relationships back and not destroy them.

Love Making V. Banging

Let’s talking about sex, specifically the sex making. I have a conversation with one of my friends about having a relationship with his girl to the fact we have talked about making love and banging someone.


You see I see banging someone is the act where you are literally fucking for the fun of it. There is no emotional attachment there is only the sex and that’s all it is. I don’t know if I’m saying that it’s a bad thing because people have their fligs and as long as someone wears a condom who really cares. However remember banging is different then love making.


Now love making, that stuff is intense, that’s stuff is passionate and has all the love in it. It when you see the person and you get a loving feeling and you feel like if you don’t you might explode. The loving making is passionate kissing, heavenly touching, and great sex. The difference from it and banging is that there is love and passion and it’s not just sex


So that all I have today.

Relationship Truth

Relationship are a complicated thing

You hope for the best and the truth to stay in love

You hope to one day see those flying doves

You hope for one day to see that ring

You hope for one day that it will be everything

But in reality you know

One day it’ll come to an end

One day it’ll crash and burn

You don’t think about this hell in your head

But it haunts you and taunts you as you go to bed

You say I want to be with this person

I want to love them

But in real life it’s a fight

A fight to keep those feeling

A fight to stay true

You don’t want to break up but what if you do

Sobbing, crying thinking about what it feels to lose

But in reality you don’t know what you want to do

If you say it, it’s there

If you think a hardship you must bear

If you write it, you must read it

And if you read it, will it be with you for eternity

So you hope and pray that you would feel the same way

And you care and care but the feeling are not there

So you think and think what to do

But in reality the answer is really looking at you.


Poetry #2

The truth is I don’t know why I’m here

It is for a comedic purpose

Or is for a common enemy

Is it for the ownership

Because one day I’ll own all of it

Days and days, I struggle and I drift away

One by one I said yes

And now I say no everyday

I think and pray and see what to say

But then I think what am I going to do today

Without you, you think I have nothing

Without you, you think I’m poor

But without you, I can be much more

I can breathe and fly

I can’t wait to see the sky

But when you’re in my view all I see is blue

Blue rain that descends from my eyes

A storm that starts in the sky

That’s how it is with you


You see, what I see

But still choose to believe in different things

See no matter what I say, no matter what I do that thought you have will always be true to you

From the perspective you see, will be the only thing that you believe

See in your eyes I’m a sloth, but in mine I’m an eagle

I got dreams and I like to soar

And all you keep doing is knocking down my door

Trying to knock down my door

With the fact that you think that everything that I have should be taken right back

But that’s how you see and choose to believe, but I work hard so you best believe it

You see my time and money is picked from a different type of honey

My perspective is the rise

To go above the human eye

To be the man on the hill

To have an empire that I built

That’s what I see

You see lazy, I see patience

You see stupid, I see creative

It’s all in the perspective of how you see

Cause if your only looking from your eye

Then trust and believe you will never know the real me


The Voice

The Voice
The one people in the nation have worked hard to gain
The one that will always speak their mind
The voice

No matter who they face
They will say what they have to say

Not scared of persecution
Not scared to lose
Their drive keeps the whole
To do what they need to do

Their voice is their might
They use it to their strength
They believe no silence is right
No reason to be condemned

Let your voice be heard
Unto the world it will sing

Loud like a cannery
Swift like an eagle
Not afraid to be a hero

The voice brings peace
Action brings change

We need not be ashame
Let your voice loose make it rain

Your voice
Your power
Your strength
Your hour
It your time


I Hear U: U R Official a Thot

I can hear you: U r official a THOT

How can u not be a THOT when u just said that you schedule all your times with your multiple boyfriends to the tea. TRUST ME YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE! And though you might think you are not trust me you are. I sorry to say but you are now becoming a young women and this is how you want to show yourself. To say that you want this and this is other GET IT TOGETHER. Dont be a thot i dont want you to but you are.

Please know who ur relatives are

Nana and pa pa were very interesting. The movie the visit had certain uninteresting vide. With the slow start you don’t feel like u r going to watch a scary movie, which it’s supposed to be. Meanwhile the first part of the movie start off with as slow as possible why they do that little camera thing that every scary movie does i don’t know but it would have been better if the movie was just shot regular. First no one person is stupid enough to actually go into a oven full on and clean. Would you like to clean it. The grandma is just crazy running around the house with a chicken with her head cut off and grandpa didn’t even mind it. Of course he had problem of his own with his bloody poops. But on a high note that little dude rhymes was weird I mean it was good but the words after you were just wondering now why did you say that. Now after all the crap that they went there this is when stuff started to happen, but first how do you not see you parents for like 15 year you probably don’t know even what they look like. So apparently some girl came to visit them she and the grandparent got into and argument and then I believe that they hung her because why would she do it.

Now YAHTZEE the worst game to play grandpa didn’t like that the fact that the guy was good. Lets just say after a long chat, and the fact the grandparents arent the real parents were a twist o ye did I forget the fake grand-parents killed the real one. So yea the girl killed the grandmother and the the guy bashed grandpa head with their own refrigerator and they lived happyily ever after.
P.s The reason the mother died want to see her grandparents was because when she left she slapped her mother and her father slapped her not really a amazing twist.