Connor Compilation Album: Vol 6

Its the big 6, the 0-6, and its finally coming back to you. Connor Franta has released his new music compilation album with some new artist that he enjoys and his fan will also enjoy.

As for the music I’m sure that Connor took care of all that and we’ll be jamming to it in our cars sometime soon.

However as for the design, I mean did you see those lips, its great. The color go and you can see the theme of it.

So if you want to experience a life changing moment go to the site.


So there is this New Guy I Found!!

So lets explain what happened that day, I was watching Youtube Videos when I can across a new person. Mind you I had never seen or heard of this person before; however, after I started to watch their videos more and stalk their Instagram I began to like this person. And that person is *drum roll* Luca Fersko.

I mean watching this guy videos whether it be his vlogging channel or his main channel, I can tell his an authentic person. I don’t feel like he’s being fake. I feel like he’s really just there talking to me and I have to say I appreciate the communication we have.

I love his fashion style, while it may not be for me, I can see how it can transform the fashion industry. And if you like his fashion style check his new collection at Nephews.

So i write this to say if you love fashion and really want to connect to someone on the internet than Luca Fersko is your guy. You’ll feel welcomed watching his video and you’ll feel like a part of the family. You be able to feel like yourself.   

Get Ready With Me (@JackBaran)

Jack, thatsjack has graced me and has graced us with a new video. If you havent seen it well get out of your hole and check it out.

In this video jack shows us how he get ready which allow the views A.K.A me to fell like we get to know him more.

The reason that this video is good is not just because of what he uses, which is if I was white I could use, but also the amazing song and editing done. Some people who do video don’t take a lot of time trying to product them in an GREAT way but Jack does he puts his time and energy to make sure that this is his best work that he can produce. So I urge you to watch this video and follow him down below.


Twitter: @JackBaran

5 Things To Make Life Better 

Five things, some times all it takes is five things to make your life better and it does take long. These are activities that allow a person to feel better about themselves so that its not so much body negative in life or negativity in general.

With this video you never know you might make a new best friend or do something that can change how you see the world, it honestly all up to you.

So if you have some time in you day to day life I recommend this video free of charge by @tyleroakley .


Are you straight, are you gay, do you like girls or guys? These are question that are asked of people when no one knows. Some assume and believe, what they want and other just asked. Well as the world is evolving most people don’t like to put labels on themselves, it is said that people love who they love and it doesn’t matter. I believe that you should too, love is love and everyone in life will have time to receive.
However regretting you sexuality, its just you, don’t let others put you in a box and define what you are, because that is your chose and should be made on your own decision.
The feeling of love is strong and strange and when you find it in the right person, trust me you will know, you will feel it and you will see it.
If there life someone want you to explain yourself, you could explain it how you see it and if they don’t get them its just their fought. YOU ARE YOU and I AM ME!