Poetry #1

The cries of the angels that fall from heaven

Will never know of the suffering demons feel in hell

The screams, the torture, the not knowing what comes next

It hurts them

Sometimes they cry

But that doesn’t make them feel good inside

It burns like the desert

It drips from their eyes to their cheeks

Touching their skin and burning everything

There is no goodness In relief there in only pain

There is sorrow

The one who feels sorrow is the butterfly that flies around

Not knowing what is happening on the ground

Ignorance is bliss and so is this

Its ok that you don’t care whats happening down below just because it doesn’t effect you doesn’t mean i can’t splash and hit you

And in that hit you’ll feel pain and suffering

And then you’ll wonder why

What did I do to deserve a stab in the back

But its not what you did but what you didn’t do

Its the fact that you could of change

But you sat quietly and let it all happen

Days of 2017

So its 2017 and I know we are already to get to those resolutions and stick to them, but lets be honest how long it is going to last.

If you can’t see yourself doing it or stopping it by October then whats the point. I believe that this is the year of release not just for me but for everyone. In order to do something you have to be brave, you have to want to do it for yourself and no one can do that for you.

Motivation is something that we all need so why not use it. If your running and you need to think that a donut is going to be at the end then think that, but BEWARE OF THE DONUT.

Encourage yourself and be brave with anything that you do.

Don’t mind what others say about your goals because they don’t know you. So you have to do what you have to do in order to be SUCCESSFUL.

Say it Like you Mean It!!

Here’s a video of a young man specifically Aidan Alexander, because in his video he talks about the fact that it seems like everyone is in everyone’s business and its the truth. As humans that we have come to be we all have this thirst to figure out what everyone else is doing in their own life so we can either judge them or hope to never be like them. Furthermore an example that I could use is REALITY TV. Thousands of people gather to the TV to watch these people one day or multiple days and judge these people based on what they see.

So in this video I say that we need to listen what he had to say and MIND OUR BUSINESS.

When Do You Know?

So my question today is when do you know? When do you know that what you are doing is right, when do you know that this decision. So you made a bold move and this move, this move  that you thought about day in and day out it keeps coming to you. Are you making the best decision are you making a decision that you think would benefit you. But benefiting you is good right or are you just benefiting yourself so that you don’t hurt others. Well you know what I saw do what you believe in think about it and think never move on a decision that you haven’t thought of. And if its a real decision that can change your life then it will hurt and it will be hard to continue on the course, but you have to WILL to continue with your mind and know what you are doing is right. Pray, think, and think some more and really decide what best for you and not for those around. Sorry to say but that is true, so ask yourself when do you know whats best for you.

Ready for Your Mind to be Blown Away? Doctor Strange Review

The most anticipated and mind blowing of the year and that fact that I came during the winter kinda gives you hope that Marvel still has time to give us the magical and mysterious adventures that we so desire.

Anyway back the movie the first part shows you the strength of the person and what he is really looking for in the movie however during the movie ask yourself is he really the only antagonist of the story. Shortly after the man decapitates the librarian we see the Ancient One, who if I must say so did look that bad bald or in a yellow robe. Anyhow she kicked some but however with this scene as much as the other fight scenes there was action and yes your looking at the screen asking yourself if your on weed or is this really good, but in the action it was as dramatic as I would have thought that there would have been more anyway still a great movie.

Now as for Dr.Strange his backstory is still kinda basic, however what different that I seen from the animated Dr.Strange is that fact that he didn’t break his hand from a monster but from speeding in the rain while looking down at his phone which shows you that you have to pay attention to the road and slow down. As for his personality of course that was there and he had a certain charm to him and also a deeper sense of determination. Cocky could also be used to define him.

Although as spec that was different is how he got there and that whole situation I won’t go into it because I want you to watch the movie but it great. Like I said the action was alright but it was definitely there as well as there being a hint of comedy and also a fire of immortality.

As you watch pay attention to small details for that it will show you every and all things that you need to figure out the puzzle.

The Wolverine is Out and Helping a Little Girl.

It has finally arrived the new Wolverine movie title “Logan” from the trailer you can see that Logan as well as Professor X have grow very old. However in their old age not much love has come from it, as you hear Logan say that the world has changed and that there are no more mutants. However, he is wrong there is a girl who is many ways like Logan.

As they travel around I assume trying to protect her from something it kinda looks like a family road-trip with a father, a daughter, and their sweet old grandpa. I sucks to say that this is not what the movie is like. You can see that even in the trailer just because there is a little girl in the movie doesn’t mean you want to talk your five year old to see this because they might have nightmares. So to wrap it up this movie seems to be all that I and maybe anyone else need to theres action, emotion, and the fury of the Wolverine.

If you would like to check out the trailer click here and make sure to like and comment your thoughts below.

i want to look like HIM.

So recently made a post about telling yourself lies. And I explained how you should stop doing, so I thought I might add on to it. The reason for these picture is because they are a reminder for me of what I want to look like. I know it seem like its over rated and heck some of these might even be edited but for me its a goal.


However with this goal I try to make it every month and then month turn out to be years. So I come to the thought that we haven’t achieve something because we can’t endure the struggle. With working out most people don’t understand that you cant just eat everything that they want to and for them that might be a struggle or some don’t even have the time to work out. However thats life if you want a body like these people you have to work for it. There is no short cuts in life so there will be none for you. If you work at it and stay determined you can achieve anything and I believe thats.



Fly Like An Eagle

As a baby we are sheltered from the world and there is nothing wrong; however, as we grow up thats the worst thing possible. As we get older we need to gain experience in the world.

They way I see it sheltering is a bad thing, point blank, because when you are pushed out the door and adulthood approaches you as an adult need to be able to be a big girl or boy , because right now your parents are not with you.

When are pushed out of the nest and start to dive you have to decide whats the next move whats going to happen next. Because the truth is when your going down there is no one how want to go down with you. So this is a critical time to think and plan and then take action. Calling and wait on others is not going to help you in the real world you have to do it on your own.

So before you leap out into the world ask yourself are you truly ready.

Connor Compilation Album: Vol 6

Its the big 6, the 0-6, and its finally coming back to you. Connor Franta has released his new music compilation album with some new artist that he enjoys and his fan will also enjoy.

As for the music I’m sure that Connor took care of all that and we’ll be jamming to it in our cars sometime soon.

However as for the design, I mean did you see those lips, its great. The color go and you can see the theme of it.

So if you want to experience a life changing moment go to the site.

Telling Yourself Lies

You shouldn’t tell yourself something if it isn’t true, because then your truly be lying to yourself and that can be truly painful to have to live with those lies that you wake up to every morning. Because that only hurts you and does nothing for you.

You get this feeling that your life is a lie. When its not, your truth and your image are the realest thing that you have. And the fact that you lie about who is are is bad and it hurts you deep inside.

Look in the mirror so that so that you can tell yourself the truth. So that you can see your eyes when to tell that lie and ask do you really believe what you are saying or is it all just an act.

Tell yourself  the truth, because when you tell yourself that you feel least ashamed of who you are and what you become you see this woman or man that has been your reflection for awhile and you really talk the truth to them. So what you have to decide now is that since you’ve said it what are you doing to go about it, because we all know actions speaks louder than words.

How I want you to do it is with empowerment; do it because you want to and not because someone else told you to do it, you have control of your body so take control of it. But you can only do it of you stop telling yourself those lies. So its time to grow up and tell the world the truth.