The Cherry

The cherry that pops The emotions that doesn’t stop I’ve been told it’s all at a drop A drop of losing a special thing Something that hold you and mold you You lose it whenever, wherever at a moment’s notice It’s sweet like cherry pie So today I think I’ll keep mine


Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley That’s who I wish to be The hurt and pain I feel in my stomach It’s a hurt I must endure The hunger and the thirst is something I must ignore Day by Day I fade away Hoping I will be no more Until there is nothing to see Nothing to be And …

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To Understand Each Others Love

The one thing that we should all know about love is that it’s confusing sometime and you don’t know if you’re doing the right thing to show your love.   However, one thing is for sure you guys understand each other’s language the way you talk to the way you walk and that’s how you …

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My First GAY PRIDE !!!

So yesterday was one of the best times of my life as I went to MY FIRST PRIDE! It was so insightful and also thrilling, the person I was when I went in was not the same i was when I left out. Whether it be the experience that I had or the fact that …

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A Black Man’s Barber

One thing that I can never live without is my barber in my life, yes I’ve had many but it's only because I’ve move around. It wasn’t until I got older did I realize that the person cutting my hair, cleaning up my tapeline, and making me look fly on my first day of school …

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

Hey people so its Elijah here and right know I’m having one of the biggest dilemmas in my life. So, one hand I work at a movie theatre and although the people I work with are amazing its the guest that really get on my nerves with their request and their stupid questions. Sometime I …

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Strange Moments #1

The moment when you ask yourself why, what happened, when did this happen that just such strange things could happen in this house. I mean it happened and here I am a thirst bottom or top thats seeking an adventure but are constantly past by me as I wonder where my life has gone. Ongoing …

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Best Father and Daughter Road Trip: Logan Movie Review.

LOGAN, the man of many abilities and many problems come back again for, what we hope will no be that last time. However if these movie is the last them I couldn’t think of a better way to end it, because Logan was EXTRAORDINARY. The music, the action, the effects it was all there to …

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